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CNN's Anderson Cooper chews up Mary Landrieu

I saw this rocking performance tonight by Anderson Cooper, who took a bite out of LA Sen. Mary Landrieu‘s behind right there on live TV. It was a beautiful sight. Landrieu has been pole-sucking Bush and his toadies since this disaster began, even after it was clear that Chimpy was giving her state the shaft, and letting her constituents die in the filth and heat. Watching her squirm in Cooper’s pit bull grip was awesome. Richard over at All-Spin Zone thought so too.

Cooper has been down in the middle of the devastation on the Gulf Coast since the beginning of the week. Today, he apparently hit his breaking point. Crooks and Liars has the video of the discussion between Anderson and Sen. Mary Landreiu, D-La. And what a clip it is.

I watched it live, and my jaw was on the floor. Cooper took Landreiu apart, who made no less than two attempts to thank the Bush administration for its response to the disaster. Cooper (paraphrasing): “Are you fucking kidding me??? I’ve been here since the beginning. Today, I saw a woman’s body being eaten by rats. There’s no food. There’s no water. There’s no relief agencies. People are desparate.”

The interaction was priceless; Cooper may have lost his cool, but he recovered nicely at the end. I’ve never seen truer coverage of an event.

Mary Landreiu was already on my shit list for her support of the bankruptcy bill. Today, she showed even more why she should just hop the fence, and declare herself a BushBot. Because she’s become one.

The link to the transcript is here, and Crooks and Liars has the video.

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