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Bob Knight homo-obsesses again and weather-proof bibles

Two little items of interest in the AgapePress hopper today…

Pull out your copy of the homo agenda, folks. Our friend Bob Knight is worried that we are going to flush the moral values of the U.S. down the toilet, and throw Christians in jail if they disagree with our deviant ways.

Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute claims many Americans have their heads in the sand or have intentionally put on blinders concerning the assault on traditional values by homosexual activists. “Some people are living in denial,” he says, “because they don’t want to appear mean or intolerant. So they deny that there really is a gay agenda — a homosexual agenda to radically alter the moral values of the United States.” These people, Knight contends, simply refuse to see that the homosexual activists’ objective is “to use government power to force people to affirm and celebrate homosexuality.” But a day is coming, the Culture and Family Institute spokesman warns, when people who hold biblical beliefs about homosexuality will be forced to decide between their conscience and their job. Knight has also pointed out that Christians’ freedom to speak biblically on homosexuality in public is in jeopardy since homosexual activists continually push for legislation to redefine any opposition to their lifestyle as hate speech, thereby criminalizing the act of speaking out against homosexuality.


I’m sure plenty of these would be toted down to Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama if it were out on the shelves.

Although God’s Word endures forever, people who work or play outdoors know a typical Bible subjected to the elements is unlikely to last long. But a new weather-resistant Bible, soon to be available, promises to endure water, sand, heat, snow and general outdoor wear. The new “Outdoor Bible” was developed specifically to meet the climatic challenges of outdoor environments in order to provide inspiration anywhere from the rivers to the mountains to the deserts, standing up to extreme weather or even accidental immersion. The Outdoor Bible resembles the size, format, and flexibility of a road or trail map, but instead of trail and road markings, it contains the New American Standard translation of the New Testament. Co-developer Bobby Bardin says he and his partner both love being outside in the rain, snow and sand, but none of their traditional Bibles could stand up to the abuse of the elements as they wanted. “So we created a lightweight, durable, compact, and waterproof version,” he says. Bardin describes their new NASB scripture resource as “a perfect all-weather companion for missionaries, campers, boaters, hunters, sports teams, the military, and any other outdoor enthusiasts.” The rugged, waterproof, wear-and-tear-resistant Outdoor Bible will go on sale September 12 and will be available exclusively online at

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding