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Black wingnuts rally around Roberts nomination

AgapePress really needs to fact check. How they managed to identify the head of black wingnut organization Project 21 as black when the picture below is quite clear is pretty funny.

Members of several African-American organizations recently took part in a press conference and rally for Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts, saying joining such events is the only way they can get through the media blockade preventing many black community viewpoints from being expressed.

He doesn’t look like a “brother” to me: Project 21 of colored wingnuts is headed by the curiously pale David Almasi.

One black conservative, David Almasi of Project 21, says the press conference was held “for the express purpose of showing that there is a diversity of opinion within the African American community with regards to Judge John Roberts and his nomination to the Supreme Court.” Despite mainstream media portrayals, he contends that many black Americans share “a viewpoint supporting the idea of the Constitution and a strict interpretation of that constitution, rather than the traditional activism role that groups like People for the American Way and their front groups are trying to push on Americans with their opposition to the nomination.” But all too often, the Project 21 spokesman notes, “When the media would go out looking for black opinion, they would inevitably either stop or not be able to find anything other than Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or someone of that viewpoint.” However, Almasi and representatives of other participating groups feel the issue of Roberts’ nomination to the Supreme Court is too important to allow only liberal black opinions to be voiced.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding