Kiss Louisiana Goodbye

If Louisiana becomes a Blue State next election, Republicans will have only themselves to blame.

They have failed and you can tell by the shrieky panic in the words of the Buttrocket.

According to Blumentahal(sic) (and many other Democrats who have dipped their toes into this water today), everyone knew that this particular disaster was sure to strike New Orleans. Predictions were made! Memos were written! Dire warnings were communicated! The theory is that the levees that protect New Orleans from flooding were to have been raised and strengthened, and if only that had been done, the city would have emerged unscathed from the hurricane.

Of course, the alleged “underfunding” of the levee project didn’t just start this year:

A corps plan to shore up the levees began in 1965 and was supposed to be finished in 10 years but remains incomplete. “They’ve never put enough money in to complete it,” [former Congressman Michael] Parker said.

Where are Lyndon Johnson and Tip O’Neill? Let’s blame them! Also, it is far from clear that even if the proposed levee expansion had been carried out, it would have made any difference:

Even if the projects had been funded at the highest amounts, [Lt. Gen. Carl Strock, the corps’ chief of engineers] said it might not have changed the situation in downtown New Orleans. He said the levee near the 17th Street Canal, where one of the breaches occurred that emptied water into the city, was fully completed.

It’s also not clear to me when Congress would have had to appropriate more money for levee construction for the work to have been completed by last Sunday night. The planning and construction process takes years. And, if it were true that everyone knew that a strong wind would flood New Orleans, causing thousands of deaths and almost immeasurable destruction, don’t you think that the purported “underfunding” of $20 million could have been found somewhere in the $4 billion plus Corps of Engineers’ budget? Prioritizing the Corps’ projects is a responsibility that is shared among the Corps, Congress and the administration. And I really suspect that, had the likelihood of this particular disaster been foreseen as clearly as Blumenthal and other Democrat hit-men suggest, the funds–totaling a whopping four hundredths of one percent of the Corps’ budget–would have been there.

If Hinderaker didn’t have his head up his silo he could have found many of the answers to the questions he’s hopes nobody asks.

He’s cute when he overuses exclamation points….

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