Sometimes big feet just means big feet.
Same with a big foreheads…

Petty, pissy, and picayune. Yup, it’s time for Lilek’s take on the whole Katrina thing that seems to be distracting him from examining a life (his own) that is best left unexamined.

FEMA’s list of charities is here. Note anything about what sort of organizations are doing the hard work? I keep looking for the Objectivist Mutual Aid Society, but it never pops up. Last time I checked the French weren’t helping much, either – odd. The one place in the country where their guys could read the signs, and they don’t bother to pitch in.

Sorry. Rather sour mood, for no reason. No good reason. I’ve been in a sort of professional limbo for nearly three months and it’s starting to grate, but it’s hill-o-beans stuff, I know. Doesn’t keep you from feeling it. Doesn’t keep you from feeling like a heel, either, but I’m not going to waste emotions feeling Bad for New Orleans 24/7, as if checking websites and staring at the photos is enough, as if this is like the death of Princess Di, a Shared Moment we can later relieve with special edition DVDs. Emotions are not enough. There’s nothing like empathy to keep you from doing anything.

Looks like someone is booking an appointment with Mr. Rope and Mr. Stout Overhead Beam…

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