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I’m swamped today, and just getting to my email. I’ve got a few interesting items to pass along. Consider this an open thread for comments, news and blogwhoring…

* Hurricane Katrina Info: Shamanic posts that blogger Nolapoet has created an information clearinghouse site for post-Katrina New Orleans:

* BlogActive has an action item up, related to House of Blues refusing to cancel a concert by a rabidly homo-bigoted reggae artist, Sizzla. More details are also here. Mike Rogers:

You’d think from what’s going on in America today, we’re turning back the clock to the Salem Witch Hunt Days. Latest is that the folks over at House of Blues seem content in canceling only 1/2 of the concerts by rabid homophobic singer Sizzla’s. According to this press report, Sizzla’s music includes:

“Shot batty bwoy, my big gun boom”? (Shoot queers, my big gun goes boom); “Boom boom! Batty boy them fi dead”? (Boom boom, queers must be killed); and “”Mi a go shot batty bwai dem widdie weapon ya?” (I go and shoot queers with a weapon).

You can use the power of email to start to tell people at House of Blues how objectionable it is for them to make money off hateful music. Just days after rapper Kayne West made international headlines calling for an end to homophobia in hip hop, we have the House of Blues making money by promoting this hate music. You can TAKE ACTION by clicking here.


* David Swanson at AfterDowningStreet is stirring up the pot on Iraq with this effort. The above graphic is free to place on your blog; a larger image with flyer details is here.


* Charging to take your cash. House Blender Paul points to this story, about cell phone provider MetroPCS‘s latest attempt to fleece customers to pad its bottom line. I guess the message here is “bend over.”

First, it charges extra just to look at an itemized bill. If you want to see it online, that’ll run another $1 a month, or $12 a year. If you want it on paper, that’ll cost $2 monthly, or $24 yearly. Even more astonishing, if a customer decides to pay his or her MetroPCS bill by stopping by a MetroPCS store, that’ll cost an additional $3, whether he uses cash, a check or a credit card. Using an automated payment machine at a MetroPCS store won’t let him off the hook. That’ll cost $2 per bill paid.


* Mike Tidmus is at it again, mocking the latest Newsweek cover on ‘Spirituality’– “Avarice, the fourth deadly sin. When I think of the religious right in America, seven little words come to mind: pride, envy, anger, avarice, sloth, gluttony and lust. One down; six to go. Stay tuned.”


* House Blender Tim has launched his own reality-based blog, The Kalamalka Rainbow. Please take a surf over to say hello. And Tim, don’t be a stranger here at the Blend!

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