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Canadian relief agencies ready to help Katrina victims

It’s good to see our civilized neighbors north of the border ready to help out

Canadian relief agencies have moved to help the U.S. states hit by Hurricane Katrina. Winnipeg-based Mennonite Disaster Service said Wednesday it is gathering donations to help send hundreds of volunteers to rebuild homes.

Lois Nickel of the Mennonite group said volunteers from nearby states could be in Alabama by the weekend, helping to clear roads of fallen trees. She said a U.S. team is heading to Gulfport, Mississippi, where they hope to establish a base camp for volunteers next to the city’s Mennonite church.

Nickel said a call for hundreds of Canadian volunteers may not happen for several weeks, depending on how long it takes to set up the church camp.

Canadian Red Cross volunteers with experience in large scale disasters were being contacted Wednesday and officials hoped a handful would be travelling to the southern U.S. by the weekend. Suzanne Charest of the Red Cross said they’ll likely send more than 100 volunteers in the coming weeks to help serve hot meals, assess the needs of displaced families and to train other volunteers.

Thanks to Blender Cat for the pointer.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding