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Bigot science alert: Homos too screwed up to foster children

“Children living in homosexual households are “more likely to experience the stress and associated harm of encountering or being exposed to homosexual paraphernalia [sex toys] … and homosexual pornography during their formative years of psychosexual development.”
— Dr. George Rekers, on why gays and lesbians shouldn’t foster children

Last time I looked around, there were an awful lot of sexually active — and downright perverted, straight — “pious” sheeple out there (see the Conservative Values Monitor for plenty of examples). And I’m sure there are many “toys” to be found in that crowd. But as long as they are straight, they are A-OK in this guy’s book to be foster parents.

This article is complete and utter homo-bigoted bullsh*ttery, from the “ex-gay”-endorsing organization, National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH). One of my questions is, if you believe what their research says about gays being too f*cked up to be foster parents, then are gays, once “cured” and brought into heterosexuality, are they now mentally healthy to foster? What garbage.

In May, the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) released a review of research on homosexual parenting, including adoption and foster care. The results clearly demonstrate why pro-family groups need to continue efforts to preserve the traditional definition of both marriage and family.

NARTH is an association of mental health professionals who operate under the assumption that homosexual individuals who want to change, can change — with counseling. The organization provides an international referral service of licensed therapists offering sexual reorientation treatment.

The review of the research was written by Dr. George A. Rekers, professor of neuropsychiatry and behavioral science at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, in Columbia, South Carolina. Rekers prepared much of the material for a legal defense of Arkansas’ regulation prohibiting the issuance of foster parent licenses to homes in which there is any adult involved in homosexual behavior. The 80-page document is available for free on the NARTH website.

By their very nature and structure, Rekers said, households headed by “a homosexually-behaving adult” present a unique danger for foster children. Children in foster care ordinarily experience a high incidence of psychological disorder. But because homosexuals have a much higher risk of mental health problems themselves, the stress under which foster children live will only be exacerbated by being in homes headed by homosexual men or women.

What about the stress of children being beaten senseless or otherwise abused by straight foster parents? Where does that fit in?

OK. A little more information on the highly questionable Rekers, who is also one of the founders of the Family Research Council, the AmTaliban outfit headed up by Tony Perkins (Blend posts on him). He’s also an ordained minister in the Southern Baptist Convention, and believes that married women should be submissive to their husband’s leadership in the home. Part of his work is performing “conversion therapy” on homos.

Also, Rekers relies on the discredited (but popular with the wingers) research of Paul Cameron, an anti-gay “researcher” who was kicked out of the American Psychological Association for misrepresenting the research regarding homosexuality.

Back to this AmTaliban programming…Now Rekers spouts “data” that suggests there is something inherently diseased about being gay, but then puts up a defense against the obvious conclusion that this data, if true, reflects a diseased, bigoted society.

For example, a study by D.M. Fergusson and other researchers, published in Archives of General Psychiatry in 1999, found that “78.6% of homosexuals compared to 38.2% of heterosexuals had two or more mental disorders, … 71.4% of homosexuals experienced major depression compared to 38.2% of heterosexuals. Sixty-seven percent of homosexuals reported suicidal ideation compared to 28% of heterosexuals. And 32.1% of homosexuals reported a suicide attempt compared to 7.1% of heterosexuals.”

While some activists insist that such evidence of mental health problems among homosexuals is caused by the homophobic culture in which they live, a study by Theodorus G. M. Sandfort and fellow researchers seemed to indicate that this might not be the reason.

Published in the February 2003 issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior, Sandfort examined the “quality of life” of homosexual men in the Netherlands, arguably the most pro-homosexual nation in the Western world. The researchers said, “Compared to heterosexual men, homosexual men evaluated their general level of health and their mental health as less positive, reported that emotional problems more often interfered with work or other daily activities, that physical health or emotional problems interfered with normal social activities, and felt less energetic.”

Again, what is this information really indicating, assuming that it is true? Is it an organic problem he’s talking about here? Is the author saying it can be “fixed”? Is this a reason to round up the homos and send us al to “ex-gay” camps? Oh, yes, and where is the information on the lesbians?

Also, many states (most significantly Red ones), are faced with so many foster children to place. Most have not been willing to ban gays and lesbians from eligibility. This burns up the Right. I say, if that’s what they want, let them take all of these needy kids into their well-appointed, gated communities and help society out if queer folks are so damned diseased.

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Pam Spaulding