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Ann Coulter dumped again – by a Christian university

When it rains, it pours, doesn’t it Ann? RealValues passed this tasty bookend along about the bony ass, bed-worn, plagiarist b*tch of the Reich, after yesterday’s news that her pathetic column was dumped by the Arizona Daily Star.

Today’s tidbit is that Harding University has withdrawn its invitation for the right-wing blow-up doll to lecture, after hell-raising by alumni. As with the first post on Ann’s increasing unpopularity with elements of her “base,” the phrase “mean-spirited” keeps popping up.

David Crouch, director of Harding public relations, said that Harding received mixed responses from students and alumni after announcing on August 16 that Coulter would be a keynote speaker for Harding’s American Studies Institute in 2006.

Crouch said that the university did not want to be associated with Coulter’s reputation for being “mean-spirited.”

We began to have second thoughts of the image that [Coulter] portrays in some of her presentations,” Crouch said. “We have not criticized her conservative philosophy. Our concerns were with the manner in which she puts forward her ideas.”

News that Coulter would not be coming to Harding spread far beyond Searcy shortly after Harding’s administration informed faculty and staff Tuesday morning that Coulter’s appearance had been “reconsidered.”

Harding alumni, who for days had clamored against Coulter’s appearance on weblogs, or “blogs,” responded with messages of gratitude hours after the announcement. Many blogs had called on concerned alumni to contact university officials and board members, and to ask Harding’s leaders to rethink what bloggers claimed was an incongruency between Harding’s declared Christian mission and Coulter’s tone.

I will say one thing in her defense (probably the last time you’ll see this); “Oxy” Limbaugh is equally rude and unhinged, but I don’t think these folks would be canning him.

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