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St. Judy Miller suffers for our freedom:

When Tom Meyers received a letter last week from jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller, the borough cultural and heritage affairs administrator wasn’t completely shocked.

“I was happily surprised,” Meyers said. “In the back of my mind I thought she would send something back – just for her father’s sake.”

Meyers initiated contact with Miller, who has been sitting in a federal detention center in Alexandria, Va., for almost two months, because he is honoring her father.

Miller was jailed for not revealing her source in the CIA/Valerie Plame affair. She has been incarcerated longer than any other American journalist for refusing to testify.


Last week Meyers got his wish, receiving a computer-printed letter that was likely written from the detention center’s library, said a spokesman for the facility.

“The Riv remains very special to all of us Millers,” Judith Miller wrote Meyers.

She continued that she would like to attend the official opening of the exhibit in October.

When I’m not spending time in jail on behalf of the First Amendment, I live in lower Manhattan,” Miller wrote. “I would very much like to have been at the opening of your show, but unfortunately, under the circumstances, that might not be possible.” (my emphasis)

You know the hardest thing about making yourself a martyr is getting that last nail in.

That one’s a bitch…

(Thanks to Jane for throwing this one my way)

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