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Amanda called it

he victims of the flood will be portrayed via racist stereotypes as criminals and idiots. This will predispose the audience to disliking them. Then, after everything settles down, a few right wingers will start implying that the dead brought their own fate on themselves by being too stupid and/or criminal to evacuate. This focus will distract the pundits from discussing the real issue at hand, which is why the fuck we didn’t have the resources on hand to evacuate a city that has Hurricane Target written all over it. Before you know it, it’ll be a wingnut bonaza of people both gleefully indulging in the most racist tendencies while simultaneously claiming that the only reason one might end up dead in a hurricane is because one doesn’t have “personal responsibility”.

And, right on cue, racist Michelle Malkin says this and then does the the expected thing.

: Wonkette highlights disparate Associated Press captions on “finding” vs. “looting” photos and suggests that racism is involved. Lots of other readers are sending me the photos, too, making the same point. There’s one slight problem with the implication that the AP was overtly racist in labeling one of the photos “looting” and the other “finding.” The race of the woman in the “finding” photo is indeterminate. She looks Hispanic or mixed. I agree it’s still a curious editorial choice of words and I’d love to hear AP’s explanation. But seems to me that it’s not as black and white as some people are making it out to be.

…and then she points us to LaShawn Barber whose first commenter writes:

La Shawn:

As always, the most antisocial people require the most resources for Hurricaine recovery.

Many who did not take the effort to leave New Orleans on Sunday are still waiting for the Government to tell them what to do next.

There is no doubt that many did not have the resources to leave – the old, the sick – but like the dangers of smoking, the press and media has done a great job of warning people of the hazards of hurricaines.

Where were the “sensitive” Democrats who buy votes in New Orleans with their SUV’s to give rides to other Dems? Al Sharpton was in Texas speeding away from the Texas State Police; he could hav had a better photo op by giving some of New Orleans “poor” a ride.

Where were the buses that gave “the poor” a ride to the polls to vote for Dem Mary Landrieu for the Senate elections?


Comment by Frank Zavisca

The 2000 election was like the Stonewall Riots for the rightwing. They can now go out in public without their hoods, chanting: We’re here, we’re racist, and we hate you.

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