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'Ex-gay' James Hartline: wingnuttery unleashed

“The veil of secrecy that is covering the radical gay agenda is being lifted and people are getting a good view of what they’re all about.”

— Fundy James Hartline, “ex-gay,” on his plan to expose the homo agenda

Here we go, a battle to go over-the-top with batsh*t insane AmTalibannery. The actual headline: Gay Activist Web Site Posting Threatens Ex-Homosexual, Christians, with “elimination.”. Long-necked, ‘ex-gay’ James Hartline says the objective of homo agenda is “to create an anti-Christian, socialist state.”

I touched on this story in this earlier post, but the article below really goes for the gusto – so many choice quotes and unhinged phrases. From, the site for “your life, family and culture outpost.”

An ex-homosexual who believes God has called him to preach against what he was once a slave to – the homosexual lifestyle and everything associated with it – is now the victim of threatening messages from a San Diego-based homosexual activist web site, which called for his “elimination” and the elimination of other Christians like him.

The homosexual activist and lifestyle-promoting web site, Hillquest, published an e-mail containing a death threat against James Hartline. The anonymous message stated, “Now is the time to come together, to reconcile our differences that we all tout and to once again march under the same banner,” according to a WorldNetDaily report. “The moment was never riper for the San Diego (LGBT) community to push for the elimination and suppression of the James Hartline’s (sic) of the world. We currently have an openly lesbian (interim) mayor of San Diego and an openly gay mayor of Chula Vista; PEOPLE….WE are in POWER! WE are IN CHARGE!”

Hartline, according to an e-mail newsletter he publishes, writes that the threats are not a new phenomenon. A man, who called Hartline and uttered death threats over the phone two months ago, has been identified as a retired San Diego judge. “Hate crimes and possibly, other charges are now pending in that investigation,” Hartline wrote.

Thanks to Blender Lewis for the pointer.

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