Contrast and compare

Think back to your high school. The classrooms. The cafeteria. The crappy lockers.

Here is a description from the local paper of the new Catholic high school that the lovely and talented Casey is attending this year (her junior year), replacing her school which was closed after fifty plus years. Remember…this is a high school:

Cathedral Catholic High replaces University of San Diego High School as the first of three schools planned by the Diocese of San Diego.

And though Uni loyalists initially were reluctant to embrace change, lingering doubts vanished for many students once they arrived on campus.

“At Uni we had our traditions, but how can you not like this campus,” asked senior Michael Cassolato. “Before we had a snack counter and vending machines. Here we have our very own chef, and this morning we were served coffee and cappuccinos.”

“We were so used to trailer classrooms at our old school,” senior Chris Cunningham said. “But this campus looks like it belongs in Rancho Santa Fe. It’s beautiful.”

The school was built to resemble a Tuscan village with 250 types of flowers, plants and trees, including Italian cypress. Meandering pathways with dark, stately lampposts lead to large plazas.

One end of the school overlooks the football stadium and the rolling hills of Carmel Valley beyond.

It’s like a resort with homework.

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