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So here is how it works: if American Muslims don’t participate in The Great American Crusade, well, there’s always the camps:

If Muslim-Americans wish to receive the benefit of the doubt than they must begin to do much more than they are doing today. They may argue, rightfully, that requiring them to do more than what is expected of other Americans adds a higher duty of citizenship to them and is a form or unequal treatment.

They are right. It is a form of unequal treatment. But so what? Muslims are in a unique position to be our first line of defense against terrorism. They are the vanguard of our defense. Terrorists do not congregate in the Polish communities of Chicago, do not use Orthodox churches as places to meet up with other extremists, and do not call upon the help of a relative or mutual friend from Mongolia. Muslim-Americans have been given the gift of being able to aid our country in ways that others cannot. They can translate for us. They can infiltrate our enemies more easily than the rest of us. They can watch in ways nearly impossible for the rest of us.

With greater gifts come greater responsibilities.

The time is now to step up to the plate of citizenship and root out terrorist supporters among the various Muslim communities in the U.S. Those that turn in potential terrorists should be celebrated as patriots and heroes. Muslim youth with language skills ought to be encouraged by community leaders to join the FBI, CIA, and U.S. military. If they aren’t, then Muslim-Americans reveal where their loyalties are. And the next time an act of terrorism takes place on our soil, the collective eye of the nation will be turned on our own citizens for failing to act when given the opportunity to do so. Then, what was once an irrational act of prejudice becomes a rational act of prejudice.

Nice religion you got there. It would be a shame if we had to round you up….

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