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The Blend is 'touted' by wingnut web site

I love it. I’ve been honored by the Freepers before, but this wingnut site, (THV), has designated our little coffee house a den of subversion — and major supporter of Congressman Walter “ex-freedom fries” Jones.

What is THV? Its mission:

Tarheels for Victory is a grassroots effort to support our troops in the Global War Against Radical Islamic Terror by standing by our President, standing up to the shrill voices of defeat and surrender and standing firm in the face of an evil, merciless foe bent on our destruction. We will hold accountable elected officials at all levels in North Carolina who forget the lessons of September 11th, and the attacks by radical Islamists who have been at war with us for a quarter of a century.

Walter Jones, BTW, who represents the 3rd district here in NC, is also a wingnut of major proportions (see this list for past Blend postings), The reason THV is mad at him is because he’s been countering the president of late, co-sponsoring with Congressman Kucinich House Resolution 55 (“Homeward Bound”). The purpose of the bill is to “Require the President to develop and implement a plan for the withdrawal of United States Armed Forces from Iraq, and for other purposes.”

This “anti-American” act has unleashed breathless, unrelenting criticism from THV, and they mock good ol’ Walter, smearing him by association with a bunch of lefties, including yours truly. I’m posting the fun stuff below, but you have to see this site as presented for the bad HTML. It’s truly masterful.

Look at the company I have in this list, lololol…

But while Jones abandoned his President, his promises, and his contituents, the Left has embraced him: The coverage of this story when it broke in June. Note our own Robin Hayes and Tom DeLay say Jones’ proposal is terrible policy. Also note on page 3 how Jones uses a picture of a child at his father’s funeral as a media prop! Shameful!

Michael Moore, of Fahrenheit 911 fame, has a new friend in Walter Jones.

The Daily Kos, a liberal blog, has this to say about Jones abandoning the President.

The folks at have also appreciated Rep Jones’ new attitude: June and July

Common Dreams, website for the “Progressive Community” had this to say about their new poster boy Walter Jones.

Another site, AlterNet: had this great writeup of Jones.

This is a favorite:

Pam’s House Blend: a lesbian coffee house, finds one man they like in Walter Jones.

Who is supporting Jones with money? Tell them to stop!

Please contact Jones and tell him to withdraw his support for HR 55.

Everyone take a bow, you’re all famous, since you’re patrons of this no-good “lesbian coffee house.”

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