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'Ex-gay' roadshow Love Won Out coming to Birmingham

Faces of LWO in their own words: “Former homo” Mike Haley is director of the Homosexuality and Gender department for Focus on the Family’s Public Policy division; fastidious Alan Chambers “left homosexuality” in 1991 and is now the President of Exodus International, the largest resource and referral organization dealing with homosexuality in the world today.

At the Love Won Out conference, you’ll hear from nationally known experts who have firsthand experience with the seldom-told side of the homosexual issue. You’ll learn how to minister to a loved one who’s dealing with homosexuality, respond to misinformation in our culture, defend biblical beliefs and prevent your child from embracing this destructive way of life. But mostly, you’ll be reminded of the power of God’s love and His desire to transform the life of a struggling homosexual to find freedom in Jesus Christ. Come and witness the type of love that draws men and women affected by homosexuality into the arms of their Creator.

Three cheers for the “Birmingham-area homosexual activists” coming out to face the life-destroying nightcrawlers of James Dobson’s ‘ex-gay’ roadshow known as Love Won Out, which plans to invade Birmingham, AL to scoop up some converts. Sadly, I’m sure the city is fertile territory for LWO, since so many gays and lesbians are tightly closeted in an unwelcoming environment. (AgapePress):

The Colorado Springs, Colorado-based Focus on the Family ministry is bringing its international Love Won Out (LWO) conference to Birmingham, Alabama, on September 17. Metropolitan Church of God will host the one-day event, which is designed to educate and equip attendees on the issues surrounding homosexuality, as well as to provide help for the individuals who are struggling — or whose loved ones are struggling — with their unwanted same-sex attractions.

Conference host Mike Haley, a former homosexual, says he and thousands of others know firsthand that there is a way out of the homosexuality for those who want to leave that lifestyle, and LWO’s ministry exists to help those people. “While the gay life is often glorified in ‘pride’ festivals and through the media, we offer a distinctly different message, one of hope and healing for those who don’t share that sense of pride,” Haley says. “The issues of homosexuality and same-sex ‘marriage’ are becoming increasingly politicized in our culture, but Love Won Out’s message continues to focus on the hope and love that is found in Jesus Christ,” he adds.

Birmingham-area homosexual activists have announced plans for a counter-conference to be held in response to LWO. Haley says unfortunately the tolerance that the homosexual community usually calls for is not extended to the message of the Love Won Out conference.

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