Endless bummer.

Why should I waste by beautiful mind on the
dead and the devastated…
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I see the yokels are still visiting my hometown:

Air Force One touched down at Naval Air Station North Island Monday, where President George W. Bush is scheduled to give a speech commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Japanese surrender during World War II.

But don’t expect him to actually interrupt Summer Camp for Slow Presidents&#153 by addressing anything that is happening, oh, this millenium:

The president and First Lady Laura Bush arrived at the Coronado base about 4:30 p.m. following brief stops earlier in the day in Ontario and Arizona. The President did not speak to reporters who were hoping he might say something about Hurricane Katrina.

Meanwhile, the Bush Vacation Deathcount: 80

Maybe when he gives his speech on the Japanese surrender they can break out the Mission Accomplished banner. Just for old times sake….

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