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Freeper freaks out over pro-gay remarks by priest at Mass

This is a direct post from a Freeper that lost his/her cookies today at church because the priest had kind remarks for parents of lesbians and gay. It’s delicious torture.

Help! My Priest Admires Parents of Gays and Lesbians (Vanity)
me | 8/27/05 | me

Posted on 08/27/2005 8:24:10 PM PDT by Bush2004

During the homily at Mass today, our new priest was preaching about being “counter-culture” (what that had to do with the readings is beyond me), and said that he admires parents of gays and lesbians.

I was so astonished that he would expose pre-adolescent children to the concept of homosexuality that I had to walk out with our three kids. It’s against everything I was always taught, and against Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality by the Pontifical Council for the Family (which says that homosexuality should not be addressed with children who are not adolescents – age of innocence).

Plus, I immediately thought that he was telling my kids that if they wanted their priest to admire my husband and I, then they should become homosexuals.

Am I wrong in doing this? I value the opinions of my fellow FReepers on this. Does anyone have useful suggestions on how to deal with this priest?

We’ve got some real Dr. Phil types offering advice below. Read and weep (with laughter)…

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“Leave, and try to bring others.”

“I would send a note to the Bishop and ask if he is aware of the kind of things this priest is teaching. I would also change churches. It’s better to drive a few extra miles, than to belong to a church headed by a priest who is not following the Church’s teachings.”

“I want to fight him, so his filthy indoctrination doesn’t harm anybody else.”

“The only thing to do is to convice friends to either leave, or stop donating.”

“Awesome. You did the right thing. Let’s hope he hasn’t been exposing other things to pre-adolescent children.”

“He is probably getting ready to come out of the closet himself.”

“Have the men of the village exercise him [Oooh, baby…]. Else maybe one of the pinged has a suggestion.”

“Okay, here’s your answer……..Don’t post personal vanities to news, don’t ever post personal religious stuff to news, and call your Bishop and complain.”

“I suspect he may be a closet pedophile.”

“You have been getting some advice to report him to the Bishop. Don’t, at least not yet. You have a problem with him, handle it like an adult and take it to him. Nobody liked the kind of kids who would run to teachers, and nobody likes the type of adults who run to supervisors. Challenge him directly, and if unsatisfied, report it on up.”

“The priest is probably a fag himself.”

“It sounds to me that Satan has found an open door into your church. Time to exit with your family and all others who CARE if the Truth is what’s taught in the church.”

“I heard tonight from a friend that he is/was good friends with a former archbishop who is a known homosexual. One of Rembert Weakland’s friends, eh?”

“let me guess, you’re in the Milwaukee diocese? If so, my deepest sympathies.”

“I would like to say I am shocked…. but I am not.”

“I dialogued him about another homily that offended us–he was talking about the evil in the Catholic Church and how the priests sexually abused children and the sexual predators in the State—another subject I felt did not need to be explicitly addressed during a church homily. Our parish is very young with hundreds of young children. He replied that I would not convince him that his homily was inappropriate and that he felt it was important to talk about sex during church.”

“Just a simple question? As a Christian, would you want your own son ‘out’ (as in shunned from society) if he told you he was gay? Would you never speak to him again? I’m just interested to know your response…as a Christian.”

“You are going to cut him out of your life forever? Well then, I wonder who will hurt most through their lives, and in purgatory!”

“What if your son was a homosexual and did not live a chaste life?? What would you do?”

“It’s against everything I was always taught, and against Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality by the Pontifical Council for the Family (which says that homosexuality should not be addressed with children who are not adolescents – age of innocence””

“Well I agree that what he said is in violation of Vatican instruction…However…The Vatican also teaches that the Death Penalty is wrong (they’ve lightened up on this issue somewhat). They teach against Birth Control. Do you or have you used any? They put a massive emphasis on “social justice”. Do you buy into the social justice hogwash?”

“As far as admiring the parents of homosexuals I admire them (and feel sorry for them) too. It would be a tough thing to deal with no matter how you chose to handle it. In short the priest is probably a liberal (gee…big surprise) who handled it wrong. But I’m not very impressed with you either. I doubt your kids were paying any attention and you made something of an ass out of yourself by picking up and moving. Maybe you should attend Mass held in a foreign language? I guarantee this is not the last time you are going to be offended by something heard at Mass.”

“For the sake of you and your kids, get away from that priest and from that parish. The risk of harm is too great for you to ignore the warning signs. At a minimum, the priest has a misplaced and distorted sense of charity; or he may be suggesting that being in his parish is an acceptance that there would be no harm in your children becoming homosexual. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church in the US has not yet fully reformed itself.”

“Dick Cheney is the parent of a gay woman.”

“You’re sitting in “mass” on a Saturday afternoon to fulfill your Sunday obligation, and you’re surprised to hear of even more “fruits” of Vatican II? Do yourself, your children, and most importantly your soul a favor and find a Traditional Mass with decent, holy priests in your area. Youll be glad you did.”

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