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Girl gay-baited about her rainbow belt by adult at state fair

(via PageOneQ). The Louisville-Kentucky Courier-Journal has a fantastic Letter to the Editor by a 15-year-old girl who was taunted by an adult while at the state fair. This dude was offended by the “implications” of the rainbow belt she had on. You have to admire this young woman for her poise and refusal to engage with this pathetic piece of sh*t man, who clearly didn’t care what he said to her — since he blasted his bigotry over a microphone! She had more class than he ever will.

I am a 15-year-old straight female, currently attending Eastern High School. Recently, I had a very upsetting and appalling experience at the Kentucky State Fair, and I thought that the narrow-minded behavior displayed that day should have a stop put to it immediately.

I own a belt that is decorated with a rainbow. Not being a lesbian, I don’t mind wearing it in public, and I haven’t really experienced any problems until that day. I was wearing it while walking around with my best friend at the fair, when a man working one of the games called us over on his microphone. I told my friend to just keep walking, but the man kept hollering until we went over. When we approached him, he said, “This is a family place,” pointed to my belt, and then asked me if I was gay. I shot him an angry look and walked away, but then he started yelling about it on his microphone until we were completely out of his sight.

First, I was angry because the fact that I was wearing something with a rainbow on it didn’t have to mean that I was a homosexual. When small children draw rainbows, does it mean that they’re gay?

The second thing that steamed me was the thought that if I were a homosexual, why would it matter, and what gave this man the right to call me out like that? My or anyone else’s sexuality was none of his business.

I’m aware of the saying, “If you wear a ‘kick me’ sign, you’re going to get kicked.” I’m also aware that this man had the right to be so loudmouthed. But when people discriminate based on race, it’s very much frowned upon. Why not the same with homosexuality? What if I had wanted to play the game, and he wouldn’t let me because he thought I was gay? Then it would be illegal.

What this all comes down to is: I think that people should be more open minded towards sexual orientation, race, religion or anything else, and I think that this man should be fired for being so rude. I tend to be very loud about what I believe as well, but if you’re going to publicly express your opinion in such a nasty way, you should probably keep it to yourself.


Louisville 40218

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