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Falwell turns gay-friendly?

“Well, housing and employment are not special rights. I think – I think the right to live somewhere and to live where you please or to work where you please, as long as you’re not bothering anybody else, is a basic right, not a – not a special right.”

— Jerry Falwell, in an interview on MSNBC

UPDATE: Moving the Falwell piece up because I’ve added Freeperland comments on the bottom.

How did he finally come to this realization? Was it getting too hot in the kitchen for Rev. Tinkywinky, or did that last roto-rooter treatment enlighten him?

The Rev. Jerry Falwell, who once blamed gays and feminists for 9-11, now says he supports basic civil rights for gays and lesbians – but with conditions.

In an MSNBC interview Falwell was asked by conservative host Tucker Carlson about complaints from the religious right that gays are always asking for special rights…“I have always believed that all Americans should have basic human rights,” Falwell told the paper. “I’ve made it clear that I don’t consider the right to fair housing or employment a conservative or liberal value. Those are American values.”

It is a marked departure from his earlier position. Falwell frequently referred in the past to “special rights” sought by gays in job protections, housing, and in hate crime laws. Following 9-11 in an appearance on the religious program The 700 Club, Falwell said: “I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen’.”

Falwell’s newfound support for gay civil rights has won praise from the nation’s largest LGBT civil rights group.

“You spoke with passion for the civil rights of all Americans — regardless of if they’re gay or straight. Thank you. Fairness is something that we should all agree on so in many ways this was no surprise. One day, I hope you’ll even join me on a trip to Capitol Hill to argue for this basic right,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese in a letter to Falwell.

…”I don’t think homosexuals should be granted a special minority status,” he told the paper. However, he said that gays, including teachers, should not be denied jobs solely because of their sexuality.

“As long as a person obeys the law and doesn’t recruit a student to a certain lifestyle, they shouldn’t be prevented from teaching,” Falwell said. “Every American should be allowed to work wherever he or she wishes as long as they obey the law.”

He has a caveat for that too, though. He said he is not going to hire gays for teaching positions at Liberty Christian Academy or Liberty University. “Our doctrinal belief is that homosexuality is wrong,” he said. “We also believe heterosexual promiscuity is wrong. Those have been standards since the beginning.”

Interesting and odd revisionist history going on in the swamp of Freeperland. They cannot agree on whether they are for or against “basic rights” for homos. A fair number of them stick to their guns and spew out hateful, ignorant bile…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Homosexuals do have the same basic rights as everyone: to be free from crime, invasion, and intrusive, overburdensome government. That doesn’t mean that we have to give them special benefits. It doesn’t mean that we have to adopt gay marriage. it doesn’t mean that they have to be hired anywhere they choose. It just means that they’re citizens just like you and me and they have the right to walk down the street in peace.”

“And yet we had freepers on this very forum who were all upset at Judge Roberts providing a few hours pro bono work for a gay rights matter. Some day a certain segment of the conservative party is going to “get it” and understand they don’t speak for all conservatives and that Republicans are the big tent party.”

“Tinky Winky got to him. ;-)”

“It was the purse.”

“Basic rights means they have the right to vote and to speak out on issues. They have the right to influence people and persuade people. But it is not a basic human right to force others to hire you, etc. Others have a right to their opinions. Schools are not obligated to hire, say, alcoholics or ex-cons. They can use reason and judgment. That means homosexuals are not automatically entitled to all kinds of jobs. The freedom of others means that they can decide just who is and who is not morally acceptabie to lead their children. Falwell needs to stick to what he knows: the Bible.”

“Judge Roberts was wrong and so is Falwell.”

“Sounds like he’s saying that I have some kind of obligation to hire or rent my property to homosexuals and that I don’t have the right to discriminate.”

“There is nothing rational about putting perversity on display in front of children day in and day out.”

“So little first graders can can be taught all year by some girly guy in a dress and it’s just fine with you?”

“Media whores, preachers and pols alike lose their souls to please the DNC keepers of perceptions.”

“Transgender should not be allowed anywhere near children. That’s a whole nother universe as far as I’m concerned.”

“Does life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness entitle absolutely everyone to be a school teacher? Can we make any moral distinctions?”

“So Falwell supports forcing Mrs. Igglesworth to rent her spare room to a couple of homos? Great leaders them Protestants have …..”

“So he believes that gay sex is okay if it’s not promiscuous? Good grief this guy’s a moron (as if that wasn’t clear previously.)”

“Some day a certain segment of the conservative party is going to “get it” and understand they don’t speak for all conservatives and that Republicans are the big tent party.”

“Ah, Peachie, once again “coming out” in support of the radical gay agenda. PLEASE get your nose out from under my tent!!!”

“Keep it in the closet and I don’t have a problem with it.”

“And I read Falwell saying homosexuality’s wrong, and homosexual promiscuity’s wrong — which raises the question, if you have to single out promiscuity, what does that say about non-promiscuous gay sex?”

“Sounds like he’s saying… that I don’t have the right to discriminate. Why would you want to discriminate? And do you want tax payer dollars discriminating?”

“It is all a ruse. Gays want privileges like blacks and women have been granted. I’ve always wanted to ask one of these special rights people for just one example of how they were treated unfairly.”

“Why would you want to discriminate?”

“To keep pederasts away from one’s children, to not rent to people engaged in sexual perversions.”

“And do you want tax payer dollars discriminating?”

“Absolutely! We should not be funding wasteful projects. We should not be funding immoral projects. We should not be paying for health care for gay boyfriends.”

“Once upon a time, discrimination was not a dirty word. You SHOULD discriminate, it’s called having moral standards and common sense. You should discriminate against restaurants that serve bad food. You should discriminate against liars and cheats by refusing to hire them or give them any more trus
t than they deserve. You should discriminate in who babysits your children, avoiding perverts and other who may have a negative effect on them. Racial discrimination is bad. That does not mean discrimination is bad. It means racism is bad.”

“The AMA wrongly declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder, which it truly is.. I just saw on a dating site where a bi woman is looking for other woman only for the time being, her reasoning is that she is just out of a terrible marriage.”

“Falwell greases the slippery slope.”

“You better believe Falwell DOES make moral distinctions. But I agree with him here. We should not ban gays from being school teachers anymore than we should ban ANYBODY for any moral shortcomings, including adultery etc. As long as they don’t teach such things are OK in the classroom.”

“Yes, it is legal. Private individuals and companies SHOULD have the right to hire who they wish to. It’s called freedom.”

“Having sexual desire for a person who looks just like yourself is just as wacko, imo. Add to that the fact that half of these people must purchase a spare part to even have intercourse, and the other half have to — uh hem — well I won’t go into details, but it’s all pretty psycho to me. The parts just do not go together, and that sort of sex makes no more sense than a person who butchers him/herself to become the opposite sex. AT BEST, you could claim they are bisexual. Clearly they’ve got all the hetersexual parts just like everyone else. It’s just not good to put confused and immoral people in charge of children.”

“Most “conservatives” are socially as well as fiscally conservative. Speaking as a “social as well as fiscal conservative,” I have always seen myself as speaking for myself, NOT for anyone else. While there are presently social Liberals in the Republican Party, it is the social conservatives who I believe must take greater contol of the party, or our nation will decline further. You would be wise to become accustomed to the idea.”

“Regular homosexuality is all about fear of some sort and insecurity. I’ve met and talked to enough homo’s to see through their excuses for their condition. Fear of a broken heart, fear of being asked to do something sexually you are oppossed to, fear of losing your house and earnings to a vindictive ex, fear of a traumatic childhood experience.”

“The good Reverend left out of his apology what he would do with other twisted groups of folks like the bestiality crowd and the chain-em-up-and-whip-them crowd? Does he think that they are normal too and should enjoy all of the freedoms that America brings? What about the pedophile crowd? Should they also get jobs at schools, after all they are still human?????? This guy need to go buy a vowel…….”

“Homosexuals are to be justly discriminated against precisely because the disorder they suffer predisposes them to depraved sexual activity and all it entails…Whether it be adopting children, caring for children, teaching children, serving in the armed forces, leading scout troops etcetera -just discrimination is legitimate…”

“Homosexuals should not be granted the right to marry, adopt or foster children, or work as teachers to the young. Or be priests, but that’s the decision of the church. They should not be Scout Masters, Big Brothers or Sisters, or school counselors. Ditto day care providers, Sunday School teachers. There’s probably some more, but I can’t think of them at the moment. Reason? They recruit and they have a much higher rate of molesting kids which includes seducing young adolescents than the population in general.”

“I agree. No one ever admits this but… All Pedophiles are gay. If you’re a man attracted to little boys- well you’re gay. Not all gays are pedophiles but all pedophiles are gay.”

“All pedophiles are not gay. Get your thinking straight. Men who molest girls? women who molest children?”

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