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Where NOT to send your kids

College rankings are out, and here are the ones most likely to fill young minds with wingnuttery.

The Princeton Review and US News and World Report released their lists of the best colleges for 2006, and once again, institutions that upheld conservative principles were recognized for their excellence in education.

The Princeton Review’s list included 20 schools where students who were “most nostalgic for Ronald Reagan.” On the list are:

— Hillsdale College in Michigan
— Grove City College in Pennsylvania
— Brigham Young University in Utah.
— U.S. Naval Academy
— U.S. Military Academy
— U.S. Air Force Academy
— Texas A & M – College Station
— Baylor University
— Southern Methodist University
— Clemson University.

US News and World Report’s list recognized many of the same schools, but it included two other noted conservative institutions:
— Calvin College in Michigan
— Liberty University in Virginia

On the other hand, here are colleges that made the Princeton Review list for being gay-friendly:
1 New College of Florida
2 Macalester College
3 Wellesley College
4 Eugene Lang College/New School University
5 Mount Holyoke College

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding