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Blender oddjob pointed out the news that the stage is set for a Constitutional Convention on the matter of same-sex marriage in MA.

State legislators voted Wednesday to meet next month for a Constitutional Convention aimed at debating for the second time a proposed amendment replacing gay marriage in Massachusetts with Vermont-style civil unions.

Members of the House and Senate have already given initial approval to the amendment, but the state constitution requires them to approve identical language in two successive sessions before the amendment can be put before state voters. That would occur in 2006. Legislative approval has been thrown into doubt after some supporters in the initial vote announced they had changed their mind. The most recent is Rep. Anthony Petruccelli, D-Boston, who was quoted this week as saying he will not vote for the proposal despite supporting it last year.

Petruccelli told Bay Windows, which features gay news, that legalized gay marriage has “made strong unions among people who have not had the opportunity until that time to get married.”

In June, the Massachusetts Family Institute submitted a citizen’s initiative petition that would amend the constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Gov. Mitt Romney withdrew his initial support for a compromise ban, and is backing the initiative petition. He said the compromise “muddied” the issue of gay marriage by legalizing civil unions.

Did I mention Mitt is an *ss? See my post, “Gay marriage will destroy the international rep of the US.”

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