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Indiana's Hostettler: divorce as dangerous as gay marriage

See…they won’t stop at gay folks, all you het destroyers of the sanctity of marriage need to turn or burn.

U.S. Rep. John Hostettler told a gathering of clergy that divorce is as dangerous to society as gay marriage and that churches are essential to strengthening families.

The picture of marriage is the picture of Christian salvation,” Hostettler, R-Ind., said Tuesday. “Any diminishing of that notion – whether homosexual marriage or any other degradation of marriage – is something we must fight in public policy.”

Hostettler, who spoke to an Indiana Family Institute program at Crossroads Christian Church in Evansville, also said religious faith needs to have a greater presence in public policy decisions. Hostettler, who is from Wadesville, has won a string of generally close elections in southwestern Indiana’s Eighth District since he first won his seat in 1994 with strong support from religious conservatives.

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