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Wingnuttery roundup, homosexual agenda edition

Nothing like a few pious news briefs to stir the pot, from AgapePress. Apparently the homosexual movementTM has been quite busy this week. Did you get your marching orders yet?

No XXX for Tony (at least publicly). Pro-family leader Tony Perkins says the Bush administration is right to oppose the plan to establish a .XXX domain for online pornographers be reconsidered. After all, points out the Family Research Council president, it is a violation of federal obscenity law to sell hard-core pornography on the Internet. “There is no reason to believe the establishing a .XXX domain would clean up the .COM domain, where most Internet sites are located and where pornographers seemingly lurk around every corner,” Perkins states. [The pornographers get plenty of business from those AmTaliban forces!] On September 15, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will be making a final decision about whether to proceed with the idea of the new domain. Perkins is encouraging those opposed to the move to continue to contact both ICANN ( and the U.S. Commerce Department ( prior to that decision, urging those organizations to put a stop to the .XXX domain before it even gets started.


Brian Camenker last made the Blend over his hysteria regarding a gay-themed billboard.

Homo invasion of the schools, my little pretties. The head of a Massachusetts pro-family group continues to sound the alarm over the increasing involvement of homosexual activists in the public school system. Brian Camenker of the Article 8 Alliance says homosexual advocates are increasing the pressure on the public school system to obtain their goals. The problem, he says, is especially bad in his home state of Massachusetts. “The homosexual lobby had put an extra, I believe it was, $175,000 into homosexual programs in the public schools,” he explains. “This is a 70 percent increase in money for that.” The state education department has already allocated considerable funding to prevent suicide among homosexual teens. Camenker maintains that the real intent by these actions is to normalize homosexuality in children’s minds.


Long-necked James Hartline’s made the Blend before too, saying members of the “homosexual agenda are coordinating a well-oiled attack against traditional family values.”

‘Death threats’ for ‘ex-gay’ evangelical. A Christian activist in San Diego says his efforts to protect children from the homosexual movement are being met with threats of violence. James Hartline, a former homosexual, was instrumental in the discovery of three convicted sex offenders working at the recent San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival. All three men are posted on the California Megan’s Law website, and are banned from working with any non-profit organization that deals with children. Hartline says because of this work, he receives threats to his health almost daily. Most recently, two lesbians who run a business website have allowed an anonymous death threat for Hartline to be posted in the blog section of the site. According to Hartline, the threat states that the “moment was never riper for the San Diego LGBT community to push for the elimination and suppression of the James Hartlines of the world. We currently have an openly lesbian mayor of San Diego and an openly gay mayor of Chula Vista. People, we are in power. We are in charge.” Hartline says allowing this to be posted is a criminal offense — and that the situation lifts the veil of tolerance that homosexual activists want the public to see and exposes their true intent of eradicating all opposition. Hartline says the webmaster added words to the post to soften the rhetoric, but that the author’s intent is clear. [Hmmm. Haven’t noticed any gay terrorists cruising around to destroy the AmTaliban — have we missed the memo?]


Thought I’d toss in this one for a bonus…

Sanctity of marriage update for hets. One of the stars of the Christian music world has announced her divorce. After less than two years of marriage, Jaci Velasquez says she and Darren Potuck have ended the relationship. Christianity Today quotes an official statement from Velasquez as saying “somehow, things took a turn and we have ended up in divorce.” The Velasquez divorce is the highest-profile divorce in Christian music sine Amy Grant’s 1999 divorce from Gary Chapman. She later married country music superstar Vince Gill.

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