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Homo-hating TX Gov Rick Perry spams for marriage amendment votes

Remember this godawful bullsh*t back in June?

[UPDATE: PageOneQ points to a 2004 article in the Austin Chronicle, “The Real Sins of Gov. Perry,” about the homo rumors that have swirled around the bastard for years.]

He’s at it again. Texas Governor Rick Perry, whose personal political ambitions are about as high-test as his homophobia, is e-blasting Texans on the marriage amendment.

Gov. Rick Perry on Tuesday electronically urged 10,000 Texans to approve a November proposal that would define marriage as between a man and a woman, and an anti-amendment group sent 10,000 Democrats a leaflet charging Perry and fellow Republicans with attacking gay and lesbian families.

Perry said by e-mail: “That marriage is the union between a man and a woman is a truth known to each one of us already, and any attempt to allow same-sex marriages is a detriment to the family unit and hurts our state and nation.”

His message was sent via the Texas Marriage Alliance, a Web-based effort started this year to support Proposition 2, which is among nine proposed constitutional tweaks on the Nov. 8 ballot.

No Nonsense in 2006, aligned with No Nonsense in November in opposition to the marriage amendment, paid for a mailing to past Travis County Democratic Party donors questioning the “unnecessary and divisive amendment.” Perry and “the Republican Legislature are running a shell game with an unnecessary, dangerous attack on our constitution and Texas families,” the leaflet states.

“Instead of working on real problems” such as school finance and taxes, it states, Perry and GOP legislators are “wasting our time and money on things like ‘sexy cheerleading,’ ” – a reference to unsuccessful legislation carried this year by a Democratic legislator, Rep. Al Edwards of Houston.

Infamous Al Edwards was outraged by the way cheerleaders Texas school cheerleaders: “shaking their behinds and going on, breaking it down.” See my Blend post on that bullsh*ttery, “Buffy in Texas better not bump and grind on the football field“.

Dr. Laurence L. White, senior pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church.

…Perry’s note coincided with his plans to address 500 pastors about the amendment and voter registration at a closed-door meeting today at an Austin hotel…”We’re coming to a crucial moment,” said Laurence White, a Houston pastor and the project’s state chairman. “We as Christians have to take a stand.”

Also, more on the possibility of Perry acting out because the gay rumors from Jackson Thoreau in OpEdNews.

A politically-connected attorney in Texas told me he has known about Perry’s gay side since the 1980s. And two district judges in Odessa told him that the rumor was always there when they served in the Legislature with Perry.

I don’t care if he is gay or bi or whatever, what’s appalling is the hypocrisy involved – Perry is going around condemning gays and signing laws against them in public while possibly doing something different in private.

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Pam Spaulding