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Crazy Pat gets called on the carpet by fellow wingnuts

Graphic from The Pensito Review.

You know you’ve crossed a wingnuttery line if G. Gordon Liddy tells you to shut your trap.

Tuesday on Fox News’ The Big Story with John Gibson, well-known conservative author and radio commentator G. Gordon Liddy remarked that, without being at war with Venezuela, the U.S. would not have moral grounds to try to assassinate Chavez. He suggested that Pat Robertson, who is a personal acquaintance of his, should stick to his role as a religious advisor.

As far as Robertson expressing his political and strategic opinions goes, Liddy says, “I think the difficulty that Rev. Robertson has is, you can be a political leader [or] you can be a religious leader. It’s very difficult to do both and not get into difficulty.” However, the talk-radio host says he would not be surprised if the Central Intelligence Agency does have plans to destabilize Chavez’s government.

But for a number of Robertson’s fellow Christian conservatives, that is hardly the point. Their greatest concern here, according to Ed Vitagliano of the Tupelo, Mississippi-based American Family Association, is that the “the name of Christ should not be mixed in, even accidentally, with the call for an assassination.”

Vitagliano recently told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that the position Robertson advocated is not one that represents Christianity as a whole and that most believers like himself “do not think it is a Christian thing to do to call for assassination of another country’s leader.” The AFA spokesman adds, “We understand the nation does things it thinks it should to preserve survival, but for someone who is a minister, we feel greater care should be taken in representing the name of Christ.”

Over in Freeperland, however, there is great support for Rev Whackjob, even after the “apology”. As you read, the discussion devolves into an entertaining war on readings of the bible regarding murder and “thou shalt not kill.”

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Sad to say, I think senility might be in play here. Even Robertson’s apology is just plain wierd.”

“I have some advice for Robertson: “Shut up!””

“He’s been a moonbat as long as I can remember. But his call for Chavez’s offing was a reddeming quality, IMO!”

“Too many antioxidant shakes for Pat. He’s suffering from “brain freeze”.”

“Chavez: now your turn to apologize to Pres Bush for all the outrageous things you’ve said about him.”

“You should never apologise when you were right.”

“He’s been a moonbat as long as I can remember. But his call for Chavez’s offing was a reddeming quality, IMO!”

“I have long said that the biggest mistake Venezuela was in not hanging the little twerp from a lamp post when they had the chance.”

“Chavez should stand in front of Mugabe so bullets aren’t wasted. Two with one blow! Yes i know it’s not christian but I’d be lying if I said I’d not be happy if those two were gone from the planet.”

“Who cares? I mean really? The left is just engaging in moral relativism, while at the same time, not condeming the lunacy coming from their own side. I can’t count the number of ways and times President Bush has been the target of mere thinking of assassination. Thinking of and actually doing it are two different things. Whether Robertson is going senile or not is irrelevant. The left is just trying to play “holier-than-thou” politics.”

“He shouldn’t have said it I suppose, but where is the outrage about the equally horrific remarks made about the leader of OUR country huh? Free speech for the left, censorship for the right is the norm these days.”

But his call for Chavez’s offing was a redeeming quality, IMO!

“But is it a Christian thing to say, what with the 10 Commandments and all?”

“We are commanded not to kill the innocent. Chavez is fair game.”

“Did you just make that up? That’s not what my Bible says.”

“The man is just out of control. Public speakers should think before they speak.”

“I’d argue self defense. Christians have that right you know :)”

“Lord, take me Home before I become a fool like Pat.”

“Book of Exodus 20:13 Thou shalt not kill. Does not specify innocence, guilty, white, black, communist … It just say Thou shalt not kill.”

“Sorry. But that is a very poor translation. A more correct translation is “Thou shalt not murder.” Sadly the very ancient and horrible translations remain common in many Bibles. Especially among those who prefer the stylistically older versions such as the King James version.”

“Actually it is in the ten commmantments.”

“You shall not murder. To murder is to kill an innocent. Chavez is not a innocent.”

“Especially among those who prefer the stylistically older versions such as the King James version. Do you have a version that suits your beliefs, or do you just make it up as you go along?”

“You need to read the whole Bible and not just the verses that support your position. There are numerous places in the Bible where God COMMANDS His people to KILL their and HIS enemies.”

“Again you persist in setting yourself up as judge and jury. You have no more authority than that lunatic Robertson to pass a sentence of death on anyone, regardless of how much you disagree with their politics. If you have some solid evidence that he is guilty of serious crimes against international law or human rights than you should address that evidence to the proper authority. For the record I loathe his politics. But this guy is NOT Stalin or Hitler… And he DID win election fairly. No one has ever produced evidence to the contrary. I think you are allowing your reason to be blinded by your prejudice against this man. He may or he may not be moving towards some form of authoritarian rule. But unless you are going to claim infallible knowledge of the future I think you should stop calling for someone’s murder.

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