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Washington State close to ruling on same-sex marriage

Wingnut web rag AgapePress says so. In a breathless blurb, there is panic over an imminent ruling.

The Supreme Court in Washington State will soon issue a ruling that could make that state the second in the U.S. to legalize same-sex “marriage.” Some traditional marriage defenders fear that, if that happens, the consequences may be even more serious than those of the Massachusetts decision to legalize homosexual marriage two years ago. That is because, unlike Massachusetts, Washington does not require couples to live in the state in order to get married there. Pastor Joe Fuiten of Washington Evangelicals for Responsible Government notes that the court could rule in the next few weeks. “They’re poised,” he says, “and we think they probably will adopt a status of marriage that basically will require homosexual marriage in Washington State. So what you’ll see, if this happens, it’ll be the first state in the union [that same-sex couples from] any place in the union can come to and get married.” He says Washington could become the destination of hundreds of homosexual couples intent on bringing same-sex marriage to their state.

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