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Bible-beating via technology conferences

Ministry Offers Tech Help to Christians, Outreach to Lost Professionals. We cannot escape them, they are reaching into every sector of the business world. Now you can be proselytized at a tech conference. I certainly don’t want to hear any more about the fictional “gay recruiting” when we’ve got this level of “outreach” by these folks going on.

A North Carolina-based ministry is using business, technological and leadership education to overcome barriers in reaching the world for Christ. The Christian organization is doing this not only by helping other ministries but also by extending its resources to non-Christian professionals through training and outreach opportunities.

Wide Net International Ministries was founded earlier this year by Jason Williamson, who says the ministry has two main goals. First of all, he explains, “We’re here to provide world-class technology consulting development services to other Christian ministries so that they can get their mission done cheaper, faster, and better.”

The second thing Wide Net International is “here for,” Williamson says, “is to use technology and business and leadership education as a platform to reach the professionals, the influencers — the movers and shakers that so often our mission efforts tend to overlook around the world.”

Recently on Mission Network News, the CEO of the North Carolina-based ministry pointed out that many individuals are coming to Christ as a result of its tech conferences. “In May we went down to Venezuela,” he said, “and we brought down a team of technologists and business leaders from the United States. We had a three-day conference, and the most exciting thing about this is that a lot of these people were totally unchurched.”

Wide Net made the most of the outreach opportunity the conference afforded. Williamson recalls, “We had people at the end of the conference coming up to us, saying, ‘Is there a place that we can go and study the Bible?’ And as a result of that we had about 40 people come to make a decision for Christ as a result of relationship-based Bible study.”

This is out of control, but I suppose you cannot get any lower than trying to convert people with no food or roof over their heads after a tsunami.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding