Tuesday Night Random Ten DVD’s (one time only)

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Well, this is a new one. With the lovely and talented Casey and her mother (the alluring and tawny Mrs tbogg) in Palm Springs this week (it was only 110 today…but a dry 110) it fell to me to clean up before the housekeeper came. With school starting next week making this the gun lap of summer, Casey took it easy for a couple days reading Isabel Allende’s Zorro: A Novel and watching movies…which were left stacked up by the TV for me to pick up. So what does a fifteen year-old watch when they’re home alone?

Starting at the bottom and working up (exactly ten DVD’s which is why I wrote this):

The Fast and the Furious
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
A Chorus Line
Sin City
and Go

That seems pretty normal. Better those than That’s So Raven.

God, I hate that show.

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