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Freepers on the Iraqi draft constitution

[UPDATE (5PM): The Iraqi Parliament delayed the vote on the draft again. Despite the Chimperor’s demand to meet his timeline, the Iraqis know how important it is to get this right:

Parliament speaker Hajim al-Hassani said there was strong interest in reaching unanimity on the draft “so that the constitution pleases everyone. All these groups in the coming three days will try, God willing to reach accord on some points that are still disagreements.”]

The draft constitution for Iraq, as it stands, will make Islam “a main source” for legislation and ban laws that contradict religious teachings. With that news, the Freepers are all over the map. Some of these quotes could easily be plucked from lefty sources (with better grammar and spelling, of course). My earlier post on the constitution is here.

Most of the Freepi are ready to cut and run at the expense of full equality for women.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Is there some strategy here? I can’t help but thinking this is very bad… maybe the polls are reflecting this? People supported the war that was supposed to bring freedom.. not the war that was going to install an Islamic dictatorship..”

“What was the point of liberating Iraq if we’re just helping to install another Islamic theocracy?”

“So what the heck does this mean? Sharia law by default? Before you democrats chuckle, I wouldn’t vote you in office on a bet.”

“You left out the part where there are two sources that new laws must be checked out against… Islamic Law and Democratic principles/human rights. Also, the Islamic principles the vague language they used leaves a lot of room for interpretation.”

“Did people think the Iraqi legislators would dawn powdered wigs and draft on constitution based on Christian ideology like our founding Fathers did?”

“Really…..Some of the people in here are real pieces of work. Your not going to have a secular society with a deeply religious people. As for the Sadam comment, PU”

“Seriously. Why is anyone surprised? Iraqi democracy is not going to be like American democracy. The vast, vast majority of Iraqis are Muslim. Is it surprising that they want their new constitution to reflect their values?”

“So that’s what 1800 soldiers died for. F&$# ’em. Let’s get out of that country and kick the Islamofascists out of ours.”

“So much for ladies bare limbs, or barbers who shave beards, video stores showcasing hollywood/bollywood, or liquor stores. The days of having a beer and fried fish on the banks of the Tigris, with a woman companion dressed in a western outfit in the most secular, technocratic society of the Muddled East are over. Too bad we’ve abandoned the secularists and modernists.”

“Well its no longer a question bring the boys home…No sense being there if their not protecting freedom, because they are officially not now. the war is officially a failure.”

“Well, then, just fookem! We should have just given them a great big glass parking lot. I have no more compassion left, for anyone’s kids, but mine. They claim to be an ancient civilization, but, they ain’t progressed a decade beyond their starting point, could be that it is the best they can do. Don’t show me any more pictures of pitiful,little,abused, and neglected babies,my emotions are focused on my own.”

“All this and what do we get? The beginnings of a theocracy. Don’t worry, I’m sure Bush will try to spin this over the next week. Isn’t the plan over the next 5 days to presents even better excuses for the police action?”

“The article doesn’t say anything we didn’t know long ago. They’d already planned on saying no law can be against Islam, but they would also lay out a basic set of human rights that no law (even those supported by Muslim fundies) could violate. We’ll see how it panned out.”

“One said the text, agreed by the ruling Shi’ite and Kurdish coalition over Sunni Arab objections, would read: “Islam is a main source for legislation and it is not permitted to legislate anything that conflicts with the fixed principles of its rules.” And of course you’ll explain how this is misrepresention? Islam will be the basis for all laws in Iraq.”

“Depends on what they mean by ‘conform to Islam.’ Seems to be more than one school of thought on that.”

“I’m in the group that feels like getting our guys shot up for these people was not really the right thing to do. I’ve been saying for more than a year now that this is Babylon…. and that there was no way there would be a western style democracy/republic there. Those people are not capable of self rule. It has always, and will always be that way.”

“Hence the WH statements about how establishing freedom was the way to defeat terrorism has never made sense to me. We should get our guys out of the way… and then bomb those people until they surrender…. plain and simple.”

“I am hopeful too. It seems like an important compromise was reached. The important word above is “widely.” Also, it gives human rights and values of democracy equal footing. Remember, women make up 60% of Iraq. I doubt they would want to have Sharia law imposed. I think Reuters wants to put the worse spin on it. I believe Iraq will turn out much better than the leftist MSM will ever admit.”

“Everybody calm down. This is Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld we’re talking about, not the RATS. Everything will work out fine. They’ve gotten us this far with overwhelming success. Don’t go wobbly now that the end is nearly in sight.”

“Hey, so long as the women have no more rights than an end table, all is good?”

“The MSM meme is the Iraqis are setting up an Islamic state therefore President Bush has failed. If you think the Iraqis are setting up an Islamic state in the mold of Iran, you don’t have a clue.”

“Islam is defined as a “a” main source, not “the” main source of state legislation. That leaves enough wriggle room to keep some secular personal status laws, such as those pertaining to women, on the statute books. Its not enough for extremists like Musab al Zarqawi, who view a secular constitution as godless and hold the Koran is the only law Muslims should live under.”

“I’m not. That’s one reason why I opposed this invasion — and sending American troops to die in Iraq — from the beginning. The country was a 4th rate military power, didn’t have WMDs, wasn’t being 9-11, and couldn’t be “changed” into a democracy. A lot of blood spilled in behalf of utopian fantasies by policy gurus who almost uniformly don’t have any kids or kin in the military.”

“its too early to tell what this means. if we start seeing women losing rights, and mullahs and clerics holding government positions of power – then we will know its gone badly.”

“Who else could have done as good of a job?? It just depends on what you call an acceptable outcome. I think there are several freepers here who I would have let make the decisions.”

“Hey I defended the war and defended Bush for ever….The Iraqy people have chosen what they want and it ain’t us.We did what we could for them…Its time to come home.”

“You guys are a bunch of dopes. What did you expect? … Did you think the Iraqi constitution was going to be based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. It’s an Islamic country. They are a very religious society, and they are not going to start hang pictures of George Washington and the ten commandment on their court houses.”

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