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DC Comics has no sense of humor

Art Gallery Told To Drop ‘Gay’ Batman. Has DC never heard of Slash Fiction? Will they sue people for that too? Lord knows if the Roddenberry estate got a nickel from every Kirk/Spock slash piece, his widow Majel Barrett would be a billionaire.

Artist Mark Chamberlain’s booty is in hot water over these paintings.

A Manhattan art gallery says it is being threatened with legal action over a watercolor exhibit featuring Batman and Robin in a gay tryst.

The watercolors show the dynamic duo in various states of undress. One shows them kissing.

The art world Web site said it also received a letter from D.C. Comics demanding that its images of Chamberlain’s paintings be taken off the Internet. Copyright and trademark laws generally prohibit one artist from borrowing too closely from another’s work, but the courts have allowed some leeway for parodies.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding