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Convenience store clerk killed in gas drive-off in AL

The clerk tried to stop theft at the pump. Photo: Times-Journal

As the prices spiral, you know more of this is going to happen.

Run over and killed, for a tank of gas. That’s what police say happened at a valley gas station. Police say Fort Payne Texaco owner, Husain Caddi was dragged and then run over Friday when he tried to stop a man from driving off without paying. 54-year-old Caddi died shorty after arriving at the hospital.

…Angel Stephens is shocked about what happened, “I just couldn’t believe somebody would really do something like that.”

“I could not believe it. I was trying to think maybe the person didn’t realize it. And I was trying to think maybe the person did not realize what had happened. You try to think that a person would not do that purposely,” says Christy Evans.

A driver killed station owner Husain Caddi when the man locals call “Tony” tried to stop that driver from getting away with $52.05 of gas. “Shocked that something like this would happen over a tank of fuel,” says Tim Monroe.

My question is, why are there still pump-first/pay after pumps? A lot of places I go to have credit/debit or have pay-first only options.

One store I saw on the news is posting surveillance shots of offenders in the store to shame customers into paying up. It’s worked in some cases.

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Pam Spaulding