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The New York Times
The Washington Post
The LA Times
Time Magazine
The Waco Tribune-Herald

Yup. They’re all a part of the monolithic Mainstream Media (which for some reason, is refered to as the MSM by the lazy) and the Anchoress pokes her wimpled-head out of the cloister to smirk and go nyah-nyah:

In this report.

Johnson alluded to a forthcoming caravan scheduled to arrive in Crawford next Saturday after snaking through the southwest from San Francisco. The event, called “You Don’t Speak for Me, Cindy,” is being led by a mother who has a Marine son.


Cindy Sheehan’s name and picture have been repeated literally tens of thousands of times in the past two weeks. But this reporter couldn’t even bother to find out the name of this “other” military mom. Of course…this “other” mom supports Bush, and the war, so she’s not even compelling enough for newsgatherers (who delight in calling President Bush “incurious”) to be named.

Of course, The Anchoress doesn’t mention that the article is headlined:

Enough is enough, say Bush supporters of Crawford protests

…and here is what came before her excerpted quote:

CRAWFORD – The president’s supporters are rallying behind a new slogan: Enough is enough.

Critics of the peace movement and war mom Cindy Sheehan arrived in Crawford by car and by motorcycle Saturday to show support for President Bush and the Iraq war. In one demonstration, about 350 bikers buzzed the camps arranged by Sheehan and other demonstrators calling on the president to be accountable for the war.

While the day was relatively quiet at the peace camp entrenched near the Western White House, Bush’s supporters gathered in downtown Crawford.

“The silent majority has arrived and, hey, the cavalry’s on the way,” said local businessman Bill Johnson, who sat atop a horse during a separate pro-Bush rally of about two dozen. “Believe me. Don’t think it isn’t. Because, you know, we can take it, and take it and take it … and at some point in time, there needs to be a response from America.”

But journalist Thaddeus DeJesus failed to get the name of the “military mom” (whose son is still alive we should point out) so all right thinking people should assume that DeJesus is actively pro-terrorist and hates America.

For those keeping score at home, the sin of omission has just been upgraded from venal to mortal, so watch your ass. There’s a new nun in town and she’s not fucking around.

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