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Bill Weld sucks

The former Massachusetts governor has done a 180 on gay civil marriage as he jumps into the race to be NY’s next governor. What a f*cking turncoat. (

Gov. William Weld has ended months of speculation and confirmed he’s running for the GOP nomination for Governor of New York.

…Weld’s shifting position on same-sex marriage is not likely to win him support from either the Conservative Party – a necessity to get the nomination – or from the state’s gay political machine.

The millionaire lawyer was elected governor of Massachusetts in 1990 and easily re-elected in 1994. He ran for U.S. Senate in 1996 but was defeated by Democratic incumbent John Kerry. Weld resigned as governor in 1997 when then-President Clinton nominated him to become U.S. ambassador to Mexico, but the nomination was blocked in the Senate.

Weld moved back to his native New York in 2000 and is a partner in an investment firm.

In 2004, after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court struck down the ban on same-sex marriage, Weld urged Massachusetts lawmakers to accept gay marriage, rather than civil unions, as the only way to legally comply with the court ruling. In June he officiated at the gay marriage in Boston of his old college roommate.

Last August at the GOP National Convention Weld was still promoting same-sex marriage. “The recognition of gay marriage, as the Massachusetts Supreme Court has done, is the conservative point of view,” Weld told Log Cabin Republicans.

But, this week, seeking the support of the Conservative Party, Weld changed his position telling Republicans he is opposed to gay marriage. He confirmed his new position to the Times, saying that while he favored gay marriage in Massachusetts as the only way to legally comply with an order from the state’s top court, other states, including New York, should offer civil unions instead.

Gay rights advocates and Democrats were quick to jump on the issue. “His recent statements represent a complete and disappointing reversal of his original position,” said Empire State Pride Agenda Executive Director Alan Van Capelle. “The freedom to marry is about equality and New Yorkers are passionate about equality. Governor Weld indicates that New Yorker’s are not ready for same sex couples to have the right to marry but our polling tells us otherwise.”

“Flip-flopping and pandering to New York conservatives is no way to begin a gubernatorial campaign,” said Democratic strategist Howard Wolfson.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding