Well, if she can sell Bush as a leader…

What world needs now is spin, sweet spin:

For years, President Bush has called on Karen P. Hughes, his confidante from Texas, to help devise replies to attacks from political foes. Now Ms. Hughes, installed at the State Department, plans to set up “rapid response” teams to counter bad news and defend administration policies around the globe.

The teams, to be set up in the Middle East and elsewhere, are one of several initiatives being prepared by Ms. Hughes, who took office this week as under secretary of public diplomacy. The initiatives are part of what Bush administration officials say will be an aggressive drive to repair America’s poor image abroad, particularly in Muslim countries.

(Pssst. Don’t tell anyone I’m helping out the Bushies, but…okay, look, if you want to repair America’s image in Muslim countries, try this: quit killing Muslims. Okay, now pretend that we don’t know each and just walk away.)

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in an interview this week that the units would “work to deal with misinformation and misinterpretation.” During the war in Afghanistan, Ms. Rice said, the administration discovered that it had to rebut “all kinds of lies about what we were doing.”

Then there were the WMD lies, the Downing Street Memo, oh, yeah, Abu Ghraib and the pictures that they still won’t show us. Oooo ooooo, I know! I know! Try talking to Cindy Sheehan. That would be a start.

In addition, State Department officials say, Ms. Hughes, a former television reporter, plans to lead an interagency “public diplomacy” operating group, including top public affairs officials at the Pentagon, and to change the way Foreign Service officers are evaluated for promotion, placing more emphasis on public relations skills.

That would be:

&#149Lie Like A Motherfucker 101a
&#149Lie Like A Motherfucker 101b
&#149From Ari To Scotty: A Survey of Deflections, Denials, and Deceit.
&#149Look! Over There! Able Danger!!!

&#149I’d Tell You, But I Gave Judy Miller First Dibs…

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