A brief interuption

Usually I try to get in a few posts over the weekend so I don’t get rusty, but this weekend kind of got away from me because of, yet another, medical emergency. All is well, but here is a tip from my mom:

If your side starts to hurt on, say, Monday and you lose your appetite and all you want to do is sleep and you’re dizzy…don’t wait until Friday to mention it to your immediate family.

Ruptured appendix. Ruptured for five days.

As lucky as she is to be alive, I feel even luckier that she is still alive.

And now I can get back to living normally…

Of course normally, in our family, means that the lovely and talented Casey and her mother, the madcap and prone to tipsiness mrs tbogg are off to their week in the sun in Palm Springs before the school year starts. Yes. We are the family that enjoys 110 degree weather as long as there is a pool (and in their case, a poolboy delivering beverages) involved.

Me? I’m babysitting..these guys.

Feed me. Take me out to poop.
Feed me. Take me out to poop.
Feed me….
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