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Scarborough pimping himself for FL Senate bid

As you already know, the GOP is really lukewarm about Katherine Harris‘s bid to unseat Florida Senator Bill Nelson. The Empty Wig and “I’m not saying if I’m straight” Mehlman have been contacted by MSNBC talking head and former congressman Joe Scarborough about a possible run. Good grief — Harris has to be pissed; after all, she’s a loyal foot soldier, having dutifully purged minority voters from the rolls to ensure Chimpy’s win in FL back in 2000. And now the GOP turns on her, ha ha ha.

Confirming yesterday’s report, talk-show host and former Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-FL) said “he has already talked with Sen. Elizabeth Dole, who heads the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and plans to meet with Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman and White House officials next week about whether to get into the race to unseat” Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), the AP reports. “Scarborough said Republican leaders are concerned about Harris’ electability because of the role she played in the 2000 presidential recount.”

Here, from a DKos diary, are some of Scarborough’s interesting activities while serving in Congress…
* sponsorship of a bill to abolish the Department of Education in 1995

* sponsorship of a bill to withdraw from the U.N. in 1995

* his 1995 vote to eliminate federal funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting by 1998; read:  PBS (Big Bird, etc.)

* his 1995 vote to cut Medicare by $270 billion

* his 1996 vote (one of 70 members of the House) against increasing the minimum wage from $4.45/hr. to $5.15/hr.  Florida recently passed a ballot referendum calling for an increase in the minimum wage and automatic cost-of-living increases.

Aside from that, there is a huge controversy about Scarborough’s affair with an intern, a young woman that later turned up dead in his campaign office. “Regular Joe” doesn’t want to see this little story brought up all over again.

FORT WALTON BEACH, FL. – Lori Klausutis, a 28-year-old office worker for Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Fl), was found dead in the congressman’s district office. Police said preliminary findings from the medical examiner’s office showed no foul play or any outward indication of suicide.”

Unbelievably, that was it. The story was simply dropped. A young female employee of one of Florida’s Congressmen had died unexpectedly in the Congressman’s office. There were no witnesses to her death and the cause of death was not apparent. Klausutis’ boss, Joe Scarborough had recently resigned from Congress prematurely and unexpectedly, amid rumors about his marital fidelity and soon after a divorce. He had also abruptly resigned as publisher of the Independent Florida Sun, claiming that resigning from Congress and as publisher was necessary to spend more time with his sons.

Such circumstances make one pause. Sick to death of the clear bias of the corporate owned media, and suspicious of the odd nature of this death, we began to dig for answers. The more information we discovered, the more unlikely, and the more newsworthy the story became.

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Pam Spaulding