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Ready for a biblical creationism museum?

This is madness. How is this preparing people for reality-based living? It’s like the unhinged f*cktards that saw male genitalia in the map of L.A. county. With the AmTaliban it’s all about denial of science or seeing sex in everything. The story of dinosaurs is corrupting minors.

A biblical creationism museum in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas is attracting thousands of visitors each month and gaining more notoriety by the day. The Museum of Earth History in Eureka Springs, which features several cast replicas of dinosaur fossils dug up in North America, is no typical creation exhibit.

The museum is a joint effort of the Oklahoma-based Creation Truth Foundation and Eureka Springs’ Great Passion Play Outdoor Bible Theme Park. Its founder, Dr. Thomas Sharp, says he hopes the facility will help Christian parents train up sons and daughters who are “Bible-believing, kingdom-minded” young men and women.

Sharp observes that contemporary society is seeing “an incredible secularization” of Christian youth by the time they reach age 15, and he says extensive research convinces him that the process starts in the early elementary years. This secularization process begins “with the spinout of the dinosaur story,” he contends, “because you’ve got death and pain and suffering being promoted by this dinosaur story before man ever walks on the scene.”

The Museum of Earth History’s founder believes the concept of pain and death having existed before original sin is in conflict with the Genesis account of creation and the fall of man, and that this conflict can have a cascading negative effect on the faith of young believers. “The dumbing down process in the culture is impacting Christian children between the ages of 3 and 12,” he says, “and the dinosaur icon is being used to deliberately disseminate a disbelief about the authority of scripture to that age group.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding