Just a shitty driver…dragging a pipe on a chain

Three Men Sharing One Brain continue to make excuses for the Grim Cross Reaper.

The photo below depicts the crosses that have been in the news. Gene notes that news photos crop out the road — some crosses and flags are within 12 inches of the road. The road is very narrow with no shoulders.

So the pipe being drug behind the truck by a chain was really just for neato “sparking” effects like one of those old toy ‘friction’ cars, and it just kinda swung wide. Yeah. We do that around here too.

If George Bush was caught feeding babies into a woodchipper these guys would trip over each other to compliment him on his efforts to help solve overpopulation.

(Added); From the comments because it’s soooo good:


This sounds like a job for KERNING!

The road font (Blacktopica) was suspiciously close to the cross font (Martyr Bold). So suspiciously close one can only assume that it was an intentional act to cause oversized pickups (typical liberal presumption about the vehicles of choice in the Heartland) to careen into them — thereby sullying a good man’s reputation.

To the Selectric!

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