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TSA wants to give Condi and Rummy their ice picks back

The WaPo reports that the cash-strapped TSA wants to rollback the banned items list on flights, creating special classes of people that will be free to bring on knives and ice picks on board. It takes too much time and money to screen for weapons. No need to search Administration officials because they clearly pose no risk to this country. Maybe not on board an airliner, but hell, they’ve done enough damage without picking up a weapon.

The nation’s largest flight attendants union yesterday questioned a federal government proposal to end the ban on knives, ice picks and razor blades on board commercial airplanes.

As the front-line personnel with little or no effective security training or means of self defense, such weapons could prove fatal to our members,” Patricia A. Friend, international president of the Association of Flight Attendants, said in a letter to Edmund S. “Kip” Hawley, the new leader of the Transportation Security Administration. “They may not assist in breaking through a flightdeck door, but they could definitely lead to the deaths of flight attendants and passengers.”

The TSA is reviewing security procedures at the nation’s airports to determine whether they protect against current terrorist threats. An internal TSA document last week detailed proposals that focus on protecting the nation from an inflight suicide bombing attack and suggested that certain categories of passengers, such as high-ranking government officials and airline crews, could be exempt from security screening. The proposals also included a possible end to the ban on certain items allowed in carry-on luggage.

My question is, how far down the food chain is “high-ranking” in the eyes of the TSA — Congress? Karl Rove? Little Ricky Santorum’s black, gay, self-loathing communications director Robert Traynham?

So, what was that little business about the Administration taking the war or terror seriously?

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