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Johnny and Jane still can't read

Why is this not surprising? At this point, we’ve got a generation of parents out there that don’t like to read and they aren’t reading to their kids.

Hundreds of thousands of this year’s college-bound high school graduates aren’t prepared enough academically to succeed in college, a new report warns. That was one finding released this week as part of an annual report by non-profit testing company ACT Inc.

The report says scores in various subject areas suggest that many students are likely to struggle or need some remediation in college:

• About half of test-takers lack at least some reading-comprehension skills, suggesting they would struggle in courses such as history, sociology or literature.

• Just over half (51%) had scores high enough to suggest they could succeed in college-level social science courses.

• 41% had scores indicating a high probability of succeeding in college algebra.

• 26% scored high enough on the science test to indicate they are likely to succeed in college biology.

• On a more promising note, scores of 68% of test-takers indicate they are well prepared for freshman English composition courses.

[Someone needs to tell her those implants look b-a-d.]

On a related note, Shakes Sis found out that Posh Spice doesn’t read books at all…there’s girl power for you.

Yes, I’m an intellectual snob, and this is disgusting:

Victoria Beckham claims she has never read a book.

She told a Spanish journalist she prefers magazines and music even though she has her name on the cover of one autobiography.

According to the Daily Mail she said: “I haven’t read a book in my life. I haven’t got enough time. I prefer to listen to music, although I do love fashion magazines.”

In case you don’t know, and lucky for you, Victoria Beckham is the imbecile formerly known as Posh Spice, current extending what ought to have been 15 minutes of fame by being married to internationally famous footballer David Beckham.

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