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I really don't want to picture this

Bleh. One step forward, two steps back. I don’t want to see the Royals boinking folks, but it’s high time some of these folks were outed. Who else is in the Royal closet?

A new Channel 4 drama about Princess Margaret shows the Queen’s late sister taking drugs and features graphic sex scenes. The drama shows Margaret, played by newcomer Lucy Cohu, giving oral sex and also features her in a lesbian kiss.

In another scene of the ‘The Queen’s Sister’, to be broadcast in Autumn, Margaret is shown smoking “a strange cigarette” at a London party. Kevin Lygo, Channel 4’s director of television, said: “I don’t know if Her Majesty will be watching, but we could send her a DVD.

“I think some people will find it quite arresting and challenging. It’s factually accurate and it’s a racy romp.” Mr Lygo said the drama captures Margaret “in the late Fifties and early Sixties when she was absolutely the most glamorous public female figure in a Diana-like way.”

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