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Cindy Sheehan leaves camp because of mom's stroke

Cindy Sheehan, the grieving woman who started an anti-war demonstration near President Bush’s ranch nearly two weeks ago, boards a plane at the Waco Regional Airport in Waco, Texas, Thursday, Aug. 18, 2005. Sheehan told reporters she had just received a phone call that her 74-year-old mother had a stroke and was leaving immediately to be with her at a Los Angeles hospital. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Any sympathy from the dark, dank slimy environs of Freeperville?

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“How did Karl Rove cause a stroke?”

“Lets find out where she’s going..home? we can protest the fact that she won’t meet with our President.”

“Maybe it’ll shake her out of her self-absorbed fame trip. Prayers for her mother.”

“I can’t believe the Jews would resort to giving her mother a stroke, just to end all the bad PR Sheehan was making for their war on behalf of Israel. Some things are just beyond the pale.”

“intense feelings of embarrassment and shame can be tough on the old ticker.”

“How much do you wanta bet that the leftist moonbats are going to blame the mother’s stroke on the “hate-filled right wing” who are getting poor Cindy all upset?”

“Tragedy just keeps hitting this family. One can hope that in the context of family she Cyndi Sheehan will come back to her senses and stop this nonsense.”

“A stroke perhaps brough on by her daughter antics.”

“Stick a fork in the Sheehan protest in Crawford…it’s done.”

“Prayers going up for her family. These people have been through the ringer.”

“Did her mother speak out against Cindy’s actions? I bet the stress took its toll on the mother. Prayers for Cindy’s mother.”

“Can strokes be caused by stress? If so, I am sure that her mother was under a severe amount watching her daughter act like a complete commie America hating wench.”

“And I bet her mother said “That girl will be the death of me….””

“Is it in bad taste to say that Cindy and her dishonoring of her own son and what he believed in was probably the cause….???”

“My sincere condolences to her. My mother would have driven to Crawford and shot me if I was doing what she is up to.”

“Damn NeoCons. Causing strokes, war for oil, killing kids for lies. oops. i thought i was on DU.”

“has she requested that W send Marine One for her to use?”

“This is all very DU-like. I’ll be the first to wish an innocent stroke victim well, I guess.”

“I agree. The selfish antics of a wayward child do not diminish the need to pray for this woman’s health!”

“Poor lady. The mother. Cindy’s kharma just doesn’t stop. And that’s all I will say other than wishing the best for the old lady.”

“This just in: Bush announces he will meet with Cindy Sheehan NOW!”

“Bad. Baaad. Funny. But bad.”

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