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It’s a dirty job, but a Democrat’s got to do it… Posted by Picasa

David Ignatius has an interesting column today that has some good points interspersed with the type of shallow commentary that you might expect from a person who gets all of their information from a combination of USA Today, talk radio, and Leno. He concludes thusly:

America doesn’t need more of the angry, embittered shouting matches that take place on talk radio and in the blogosphere. It needs a real opposition party that will lay out new strategies: How to withdraw from Iraq without creating even more instability? How to engage a world that mistrusts and often hates America? How to rebuild global institutions and contain Islamic extremism? How to put the U.S. economy back into balance? A Democratic Party that could begin to answer these questions would deserve a chance to govern.

In other words, a party that will clean up after the 6-year Republican drunken power binge and Treasury looting party that destroyed everything that the Clinton Administration left us. The windows are broken, the doors are off the hinges, the bank account is emptied, there’s vomit everywhere, and someone raped the dog….and the Democrats are supposed to make it all better.

Thanks Dave. We’ll bring a big shovel.

We’re going to need it.

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