Well another 1800 soldiers isn’t such a big price to pay.
I mean as long as I’m not one of them, of course.

I never meant for this to become Thursday Chickenhawk Blogging, but they sure have come home to roost ever since Cindy Sheehan ruffled their feathers.


Okay, here’s another one:

I actually felt myself become a republican today. It was around 10am, when I read the latest update of the Cindy Sheehan saga in CNN.com. I then shot over to read some blogs about it, and perused the comments in some of them, which was nothing but a long series of petty (albeit entertaining) partisan bickering.

Then it happend. The good little democrat in me tied the little noose around his neck and jumped off the stool. He just couldn’t take it anymore.


Because, long story short, we can’t end this war now. That would send the message that those bastardly little terrorists have won. It doesn’t matter if the adminstration told us the desert sand was made of gold, and we are going over there to collect it in little buckets to bring home, the concrete fact that we are at war doesn’t change. We are there, and we have a job to finish. We’ve toppled a regime that was dangerous not only to its own people, but also to the rest of the world. Now, we are there fighting the same terrorists we are fighting in Afghanistan. We’ve given liberty to millions of people, and we’re trying to help create a government, in an area that is very volatile, that will be a bastion of freedom and hope for an entire race of people. I hate the fact that our boys are getting killed over there, and I wish it didn’t have to happen.

But, it is, there’s nothing we can do about it, except for doing everything we can to offer support and hope to the folks fighting over there. Arguing and whining about the reasons we’re there, and the need to come home not only kills morale, but it is a complete waste of time.

I just re-read the above post, and I apologize for the rambling….just needed to vent a little. Here’s a breakdown of the way I see things:

-right or wrong, we’re at war. no amount of yelling will fix that now.
-we have to finish the job. HAVE TO. it may take another 1800 soldiers, but it has to be done
-whether or not we’re there for the right reason, we’ve done something great for that country

I never was a big fan of Bush. But, one thing I do believe….he honestly wants to make this country, and this world a better place. Think about it…the war almost cost him the election. If we hadn’t invaded Iraq, he’d have won in a landslide.

You see, it’s all about how “we” are there and how “we” are fighting and “we” are “giving liberty” (?) to the huddled masses of Iraq. But it’s all fun and games until an American gets killed and then it becomes “our boys”, and the “we” runs down his leg and puddles around his feet. And if another 1800 have to die for “we”, well, so be it…as long as it’s not, well, Scott Randolph.

So the other “we” (that would be me) has to ask:

What about you, Scott Randolph?

Well, let’s see. Are you eligible to enlist?:

I was born January 21, 1980 in Western Kentucky. I grew up, got older, went to Murray State University, studied Telecommunications, took a job, moved to Nashville, and now, here I am


Any physical disabilities that might make the Army or Marines turn him away? Well, he seems to be training for a triathlon and, as you can see from his “transformation photos“, the pounds and man-boobs have just melted away. So I’m going to put him down for “yes, but needs work”.

Is he willing to kill?

Karl Rove, what a joke. Read more about his comments here.

The thing is, I kinda-sorta agree with him. I mean, if someone would have given my(sic) a B2, a flight suit, and a nuke on Sept 12, 2001, the entire middle east would have been a sheet of glass. I won’t argue in the vein of left vs. right and the ideaology(sic) behind this.

Oh yeah, baby.

What else? Well, there’s the poetry:

February 3, 2005

I stand here, alone
A naked newborn
In this closed off booth
To offer my allegiance
Trembling in fear
Whetted by anticipation
With a magnitude of power at my fingers
Swimming in my own indecisiveness

A decision floats on the horizon
Inspired not by your words or deeds
Or a false promise of tolerance
Nor through peace, as yet untold
My mind will be set by those
That the mob never saw
Masses connived from either side
Playing out their own purposes

I stand here, in prayer
That my support will show you
And you will see clearly
This choice is not about you
Your desires or dreams
This is about me, about us
Your division is imaginary
And we are all one in this

Okay. The Marines just called and they say they’re all “booked up”, but the Army will still take you if you can fog a mirror so they’re willing to look the other way about the poetry. Kind of like “don’t ask, don’t do readings”.

So, outside of the fact that Scott just became a Republican (and the poetry) I can’t see any reason why he can’t be signed up by this weekend. C’mon Scott. This isn’t about you. It’s about me, about us, and we are all one in this.

One of the other 1800 that need to die.

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