Now. Now. There is no sense in bringing
down the entire restaurant and bar industry

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Cindy Sheehan is certainly unhinged (Unhinged! it’s the new black!). First she wants the Steely Eyed Hide n’ Seeker to disrupt his five weeks of vacation to spend a few minutes with her (Although we can imagine a scene with Karen Hughes at Rancho Borraccho telling the cowering George, “You go out talk to her this very minute! Honestly. It’s like you were raised in a barn…”). Now Sheehan wants George and Laura to sit down with Jenna and NotJenna, ask them to put down their drinks, and, you know, maybe get a job:

“If George Bush believes his rhetoric and his bullshit, that this is a war for freedom and democracy, that he is spreading freedom and democracy, does he think every person he kills makes Iraq more free?”

“The whole world is damaged. Our humanity is damaged. If he thinks that it’s so important for Iraq to have a U.S.-imposed sense of freedom and democracy, then he needs to sign up his two little party-animal girls. They need to go to this war.”

That sound you just heard is bartenders on the Upper West Side sobbing into their bar rags.

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