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Random stuff I came across…consider this a blogwhoring/open thread opportunity.

Russ has a good post up at his pad featuring a letter from a relative deployed over in Afghanistan.


Shakes Sis thinks Adam “The Man Show” Corolla stinks.


WaPo Drops Plan to Promote Pentagon Event. Guess Rummy’s 9/11 pageant got a little too hot for them. How on earth could the powers-that-be not think that this nonsense was apolitical? “It is The Post’s practice to avoid activities that might lead readers to question the objectivity of The Post’s news coverage.”

Good grief.


Palmeiro: ‘My day will come’. An unfortunate choice of words by the Viagra pitchman and baseballer. Rafael “soon” will be able to explain himself and tell people why he tested positive for steroids (the current excuse is he didn’t know he took them, even though it requires an injection). You dumb*ss friend of Chimpster. WTF ever.


The Phelps clan expands…into new domains (via Good as You). The Westboro Baptist church has launched the charitable-sounding ‘,’ and registered ‘,’ ‘,’ and ‘’ Jeremy says all the sites are registered by confirmed WBC member Steve Drain. One of the gem quotes from the site:

“George W. Bush, calls for God’s blessing of America and leads the charge of an idolatrous orgy of flag worshipping at the hands of his own military and political blunder, yet won’t touch a priest for breaking every state’s law AND THE BIBLE’S MORAL CODE regarding sexual molestation and homosexuality (Lev. 18:22). Such hypocrisy, along with the rest of his Godless, antichristic counsel, will undoubtedly land Bush, and all who support his policies, in the eternal fires of hell.”

Who knew?! [And Peter LaBarbera thought we’d plant a loon like this?]


Gay-friendly campaign reaps big reward for Philadelphia. All those cities and states that are passing gay-bashing initiatives, watch your wallets lighten up as queer dollars go where they are wanted.

An advertising campaign that sells Philadelphia to gay and lesbian travelers has reaped huge benefits for the city of brotherly love. The city’s tourism department has found that for every dollar spent in the ad campaign gays spent $153 on hotels, shots and other services in Philadelphia.

“We were surprised to learn that gay overnight visitors spend nearly double that of our general overnight visitors, $233 compared to $101 respectively,” said Deborah Diamond, the research director for the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation.

The 14-month old ad campaign cost $1 million and appeared in LGBT newspapers and websites nationwide. The research shows that as a result of the campaign gay travelers spent 30 percent more than they did before the effort, up from $179 per day in 2003 to $233 a day in 2004…Gay travelers spend $54 billion a year in the United States on travel.

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