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The black and white AmTaliban hop in the sack

“I believe that what God is doing today is calling for the black church to team with the white evangelical church and the Catholic Church and people of moral conscience.”

“We’re not going to just sit back and let America go down this ramp of moral decline. “I’m not black alone; I am an American — and beyond that, I am a Christian. You and I can bring the rule and reign of the cross to America — and we can change America on our watch together.”
— Bishop Harry Jackson, chair of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, and a pastor that has received $824,000 of faith-based funds.

I’m tired of the denial and the bullsh*ttery on the left, who deny that there’s a sickness infecting the black faith community, mostly the pastors that are being bought-off by Mehlman and his squad.

It stems from the faith-based payoffs, homophobia, Republican smokescreens, and the years of inattention by the Democratic Party to its loyal base. Oh well, I’ll just keep on posting this crap. Maybe someone will pay attention eventually and call out these bible-thumpers. (AgapePress):

The pastor of a Maryland church is encouraging black pastors to partner with white evangelical churches to help foster social and political change.

Bishop Harry Jackson is pastor of the 2,000-member Hope Christian Church in Bowie, Maryland. He spoke earlier this week at the “Justice Sunday II” event held at Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville, which was held to educate people about the role of courts in everyday life. Jackson said unity is crucial for moral and social victories.

…Jackson, who also serves as chair of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, says all Christians must take action to stop the moral decline of the nation.

The High Impact Leadership Coalition is seeking support for biblical principles of righteousness and justice in America via a petition on its website called the “Black Contract with America on Moral Values.” The petition invites Christians and politicians of all races to advocate policies and legislation that promote family reconstruction, wealth creation, education reform, prison reform, health care, and African relief — all issues the group says need to be addressed to improve the “plight of black America.”

Jackson has been frustrated by the fact that he’s having a bit of a hard time convincing blacks to join him – he thinks they are misguided. His “Black Contract With America,” is a document designed to highlight wedge issues like gay marriage — and presumably pry black social conservatives away from the Democratic Party. “Black churches are too concerned with justice,” Jackson lamented in his speech.

He says most black churches oppose same-sex marriage because of “the clear teaching of Scripture,” but support property and other civil rights for couples that do not live as the Bible teaches.

On that last point, I’m not so sure this will hold true everywhere. It is a given that, even in a progressive community like the Triangle area of NC where I live, when issues surrounding gay rights are concerned, it’s representatives from the most socially conservative black churches that show up to protest and demonize, joining up with the white evangelicals.  Our local bigot that gets the most face-time is Patrick Wooden of the Upper Room Church in Raleigh.

If anti-gay measures are placed on the ballot, I’m convinced a sizeable number of religious blacks would vote for them. That would make it much easier to separate their support for a particular candidate from the opposition to gay rights (vote Dem, but anti-gay). It’s why EqualityNC worked mightily (and successfully) to keep a marriage amendment from floor debate in the Gen Assembly. We here know if it makes it onto the ballot, it will pass.

The choice for the Democratic Party is whether to make a clear statement on gay civil rights issues or not. They have chosen to dodge this (or throw sand in our faces), while taking gay dollars.

Is the win worth more than the unknown risk of losing votes? Is it ok for civil rights initiatives for gays to be opposed at local and state levels by loyal voting blocs (blacks) as long as they still vote Democrat?

Based on the reticence to take a clear position, someone at high levels in the party thinks there is risk with its base constituencies if it affirms support for civil equality for gays.

Affirming those rights doesn’t have to be an upfront and center issue, but a statement of commitment and clarity in the platform that candidates are willing to defend when asked is not a lot to ask.

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