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Penis or L.A. County — you decide

Proof the AmTaliban has its mind in the gutter and its hands in its pants. Click to enlarge (heh heh, Beavis, I said “enlarge…).

Lunchtime laughs. Agitprop has the goods on the circumcision of a Golden State county.

The imbeciles at the California State Fair felt they needed to alter a map of Los Angeles County because wingnut, sex-obsessed knuckle-draggers thought the shape of the state resembled a penis:

Visitors to the California State Fair may notice something peculiar about the map of Los Angeles County on display: It’s no longer anatomically correct. Embarrassed by suggestions that the 3-D map resembles male genitalia, county officials this week ordered a small section near Malibu lopped off.

“We didn’t want to offend the public,” said Judy Hammond, the county’s director of public affairs. “I know sex is a good advertising tool, but that’s not really what we were going for.”

…County officials said they had never considered the map anything but gender-neutral. But because “it’s such a prominent part of our exhibit, we didn’t want to detract from the rest of the display,” Hammond said.

Agitprop: “Doesn’t the entire state look like a penis that curves to the right? Ooh, and what are those two holes which comprise the San Francisco Bay? Quick, better call James Dobson.”

Thanks to Blender Kathy for the pointer.

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