Shorter Virgin Ben:

I’m not popping my military cherry either.

Okay. A bit more. Apparently Harvard Law School hasn’t quite ‘taken’ with The Virgin Ben as of yet:

The “chickenhawk” argument also explicitly rejects the Constitution itself. The Constitution provides that civilians control the military. The president of the United States is commander-in-chief, whether or not he has served in the military. Congress controls the purse strings and declares war, no matter whether any of its members have served in the military or not. For foreign policy doves to high-handedly declare that military service is a prerequisite to a hawkish foreign policy mindset is not only dangerous, but directly conflicts with the Constitution itself.


This is something thing that Ben willfully doesn’t get.

He can have whatever mindset he wants but if he wants a war to be fought he should be willing to fight it himself. Shapiro has yet to give one good reason why he shouldn’t put his life on hold and head down to the recruiters office and sign up.

He doesn’t want to be called a chickenhawk? Fine.

He’s a pussy.

Which is another thing he doesn’t get.

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